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one who lives rationality as his religion will neither find reason nor spirituality.

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germany in four pictures.

when having the choice between freedom and slavery, they happily choose slavery.

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Things No One Tells You, But They Should:

All trauma you've repressed through your teens and 20's will come bite your ass in your 30's, you will not escape this reckoning.

What else do you wish someone would have told you?

"I can confidently say that code quality should be the least of your concerns when it comes to your FOSS project."

Modern day devs, ladies and gentlemen.


what mood the sound of cicadas invokes in japanese people?

i only know these sounds from anime, so it's colored by that.

it annoys me greatly when people blame the depression of their kids on external things. "climate change", "social media", "the pandemic" and so on.

blame your own "woe is me" attitude and intellectual sloth of seeing the only solution in trading in your agency.

it is the responsibility of a parent to teach and guide their child how to deal with these things in a productive, peaceful way that doesn't force them to kill their light.

don't blame the problems, blame your inability to come up with a better way to deal with them and failing to teach your child to do so.

this one time you can't get away with handing off your duty.

>the game is fully voiced
>this was normal for games in the 90s

awful many excel apologists in this thread

We’re hiring again! The Mastodon team is looking for a part-time #Finance / #Ops Associate to support @mellifluousbox + @Gargron. This is a #remote...

"geistige brandstifter" braucht auch nur jemand zu sagen der selbst nicht herr seines tuns ist.

the wild reality of 2024 where raging lefties defend the WEF against "misinformation".

... almost as if WEF likes people to be collectivists xD

Hey nerds!

I vaguely remember watching a talk from CCC some years ago, where a cute chick in a suit with a tie explained how Turing-completeness of Web APIs can be used for their exploitation.

Can anyone throw me a link? I can't find it.

Der Artikel ist SO GUT!

Und der Autor ist kein Freund der AfD. Ich auch nicht.

"Man muss vor der AfD Angst haben, jedoch beileibe nicht nur vor ihr. Die AfD könnte autoritäre, gar diktatorische Maßnahmen ergreifen — die 'guten' Parteien haben es längst getan."

ok, most 3d printer gcode can do arcs but almost all input formats for 3d printing are meshes instead of primitives?!

Bitte stellt jetzt Wasserschalen für die Insekten, Vögel, Igel und die weiteren Kleintiere in eurem Garten raus. Damit helft ihr euren kleinen Freunden … Danke 🤩! #vogeltränke #insektentränke

die grünen nutzen also massenhaft KI obwohl das eine CO2 schleuder ist.

abgesehen davon: wenn sowas wie fingerabdruckerkennung per KI von gerichten zugelassen wird, wars das eh mit dem letzten feigenblatt von angeblichem rechtsstaat. von der bundeswehr ganz zu schweigen.

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