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germany in four pictures.

when having the choice between freedom and slavery, they happily choose slavery.

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And that led to a discussion about all of the news about how anxiety is off the charts in young people right now, and all of the chatter that happens blaming them and saying they’re weak and snowflake-ish, etc., when the reality is that reality is pretty fucking depressing and anxiety provoking for them right now. Climate change, gun violence, low pay and poor job prospects for college grads. What, are they supposed to be super happy and excited about everything?

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> alternative dairy milk such as soy milk or skim milk is also a preferred option across the world

> alternative dairy milk

ah, newspeak

Das löse viele Fragen aus, so Riemann. “Habe ich etwas falsch gemacht? Liegt es an mir?” Und es bleibe auch ein Gefühl der Entwertung der Arbeit, die sie investiert habe. “Und auch ein Stück weit eine Entwertung der eigenen Person, weil es ja auch etwas respektloses hat, den Kontakt einfach abzubrechen.” Mehrmals pro Woche erlebe sie einen solchen Kontaktabbruch, sagt Riemann.

lol, lmao. haben ja personaler nie so gemacht, gelle

I wish politicians would leave me alone.

They keep calling me up in the middle of the night (well, my version of night, which is day to normals) to remind me to vote.

Mostly the NDP who must think they can win or something because they are going hard.

Look, I don't care which rich asshole embezzles my taxes. There isn't a candidate who won't just steal from me, so just leave me alone and let me sleep.

guckt euch mal die kommentare hier drunter an.

und dann überlegt mal wie die aussehen würden wenn das irgendwer von den grünen als betroffener gewesen wäre. da gäbe es nicht von so vielen die behauptung das das lüge sei.

so viele hier sind verlogen und wissen es auch. jeden tag im spiegel müssen sie in ihre eigene vom hass zerfressene fratze gucken. das loch in der seele muss dann mit pillen gestopft werden.

macht mal alle so weiter, dann ist bald ruhe.

Weidel sagt Wahlkampfauftritt aus Sicherheitsgründen ab Die AfD-Vorsitzende Weidel hat aus Sicherheitsgründen einen Wahlkampfauftritt in Bayern abg...

“Research proves….” No, actually it doesn’t.

So a chicken coop is wholly owned by the working chickens, right?

random vietnamese wordplay i want to share:

you can insert the copula “là” in the middle of “hành chính” (bureaucracy, admininistration, compare 行政) to make it a phrase “hành là chính”, which means “torture is the main purpose” and that’s beautiful

A point that I think is relevant to understanding the current era is that what's going on now isn't really politics, it's war.

The oligarchy is trying to do this "Great Reset" thing so undermining and destroying their own institutions is no big deal as long as they can maintain control.

So based on that, one can surmise that they aren't going to give up power willingly and they will throw any sense of "rule of law" under the bus.

The only way they are realistically likely to lose control is if they become divided, and one sub-group determines to stab the other one in the back.

This is however a pretty likely scenario as they are basically trying to re-cut the pie of global wealth and one man's loss is another man's gain.

At the same time, I must recall that the FBI has a history of leading hapless helpless, mentally weak people to go through motions of fantasy terrorism, for which they face real trial and real imprisonment. I wish I could be sure that the FBI has caught a real abuser rather than manufacturing one.

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@benhuser I don't wanna make this a political "yes/no" thing (or pick one side or the other) but liberals are also very good at this game.

Wenn man anderen Leuten die Eierkuchen 🥞 vom Teller klaut, ist man dann Crêpe-tomane?


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