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general rant about everything 

some german instances i've seen (where german is the language used most) feel like german twitter. just no zang to it. nobody questioning the german mass media consensus.

just look at whats going on in this country. politicians, media and corporations are fucking the public over from all sides but i should _trust_ them to handle covid and the climate change the right way?

i should trust the fucking green party whose chancellor candidate is a lying cheat, just because they are supposed to be "good"? i've voted enough times for them, only to get fucked and nothing done for the environment. they too want to line their pockets, like every politician. if they'd care for the environment they wouldn't put up election posters in the first place.

i only see fucking problems anymore, and there's nothing i can do to fix them.

consumption of bullshit (which really is 98% of things we have here in germany) has to go down massively. remaining resources should be put into building up sustainable localized food production, but it just won't happen.

i myself still consume far, far too many unnecessary things. i'm constantly pissed about myself because of it. it's maybe not healthy but at least i can look myself in the eyes. that one can't help it because of external pressure of society is just bullshit, especially for the people shouting loudest. _nobody_ can force you to consume anything.

except the vaccination of course! the spite of the heroic vaccinated who are now applauding that the evil unvaccinated have to pay for the fucking tests to go nearly anywhere is unsettling. it's on one hand completely irrational, everyone should have to get tested as the vaccinations aren't sterilizing - or are they? on the other hand it's deeply concerning how people, a majority who are regarding themselves as morally superior, are acting this way. what will happen if it turns out the mRNA vaccines have long term issues? buy the ticket, take the ride?

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It's reported more people died in #Yemen in last week than in #Ukraine - Does that matter to those in #EU who say they care about the victims of War..? We are 100% right to care for victims of war in Ukraine - Does Western complicity in Yemen deaths rule out compassion for them.?

Today, I dragged @StuartBeveridge to Chorley to see a fantastic bridge.

Because the railway and canal are at such a sharp angle, a normal arch wouldn't stay up. Instead, the stones are hand-carved in curves so that the joins between them are perpendicular to the bridge's weight.

I think perhaps the saddest thing about life is when you gradually realise that your ambition and skills eclipse those around you and you are forced to abandon old friends and make new ones in order to live life at a higher level of consciousness.

The truest friends are the ones who would both share an alleyway with you or visit you in a mansion. You know who your true friends are when they don't give a fuck about your job or anything. Whether that means not caring you earn nothing or not being jealous when you have a lot later.
if this shit starts up again i am legit pulling the plug and moving off grid to a state like montana, and there won't be property records because I'll be squatting in a national park

turns out that not having the daily cup of st johns isn't a great idea ™️

Fight for your own freedoms 

Arguably nobody else is going to do that for you or should. In the modern day it does help to band together (but people they have their own shit to deal with which then becomes everyone's shit).

So that's why I advocate sharing your shit because it's one and the same humanity or copy and paste template happening to us everywhere. Even the negative we can turn to positive.

Or they are going to do it in worse ways... like more army / military / primitive-clever fighting.

Also not a good way to fight (for reasoning or justice on any level it still doesn't achieve that end goal).

So if you expect others to help AS PART OF A TIGHT SYSTEM.... THINK AGAIN. Those types are only going to 'help' if they can perpetuate their own 'maximum' money % out of others or their 'unfortunate situation' AND ONLY if the system instigates and reinforcing such things.

This message to say there is no easy win other than you doing it yourself and accepting we were born into bad equations and to increment talking to me and others... it does require a lot of humility and accepting the bad from the past.

" Der Gesetzgeber verfolge den legitimen Zweck, vulnerable Menschen vor einer Infektion zu schützen."

Genau das wird durch die Impfung ja gerade NICHT erreicht. Geimpfte infizieren andere Leute genauso wie Ungeimpfte und erkranken auch genau wie Ungeimpfte.

Mir ist ein Rätsel, wieso das bis zum Verfassungsgericht noch nicht durchgedrungen ist.

Ich kann nur hoffen, dass alle ungeimpften Beschäftigten sich einfach weiterhin standhaft weigern. Vor allem auch, da gerade durch Verwaltungsgerichte entschieden wurde, dass es keine Zwangsmaßnahmen wie Bussgelder etc. geben darf.

"Inmitten der Diskussion über eine allgemeine Corona-Impfpflicht "

Sind wir da gerade mittendrin? Das war mir bis eben neu.

"Erst am Montag hatten Baden-Württemberg, Bayern und Hessen bei einer digitalen Gesundheitsministerkonferenz appelliert, angesichts einer drohenden Corona-Welle im Herbst einen Neuanlauf im Bundestag für eine Impfpflicht ab 60 Jahren zu wagen. So könnten eine Überlastung des Gesundheitssystems und damit auch Einschränkungen für die Gesamtbevölkerung vermieden werden. Ende Juni sollen die Gesundheitsminister erneut darüber beraten und ein Beschluss treffen."

Wenn man sich die Fakten anschaut, dann muss Jedem noch so einfach gestrickten, klar sein, dass damit nichts aber auch gar nichts verändert wird.

Auch hier kann man nur an alle Ungeimpften appellieren, einfach eine etwaiige Impfpflicht zu ignorieren.

Man sieht, dass Impfung und Boostern keinerlei Schutz vor Weitergabe des Virus und auch nicht vor Erkrankung schützt. Man sieht auch, dass immer mehr Geimpfte schwere Nebenwirkungen erleiden, bis hin zur Pflegebedürftigkeit. Noch immer gibt es nur bedingte Zulassungen der Impfstoffe.

Nichts und niemand kann jemanden in einer freien Gesellschaft dazu zwingen, sich mit diesem Zeugs zwangsimpfen zu lassen.

Meine Hoffnung ist, dass wir nun, neben den gänzlich Ungeimpften, auch noch alle die auf unserer Seite haben, die sich nur zweimal impfen ließen, damit sie ihre Ruhe haben. Damit dürften wir eine stattliche Zahl von Leuten sein, gegen die auch die Politik nichts mehr ausrichten kann, wenn wir uns alle standhaft weigern, diesen Irrsinn weiter mitzumachen.

#corona #impfung #coronaimpfung #impfpflicht #zwangsimpfung #irrsinn

Hey 😳👉🏻👈🏻
Is there anyone around who'd be willing to teach me welsh? and/or irish? And be willing to talk over audio?


funny, every version of the "heavily edited north korean rocket start video" was heavily edited by western media.

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