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use technical solutions to social problems at your own peril

@partridge "wah wah spend money on subscriptions" sorry boomer i can't hear you over the sound of my fleshlight
dragging pratchett and tolkien into your insane woke crusade, jesus. is nothing sacred
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Wenn man wissen will, ob ein System krank ist ?
Hochschule Worms zahlte 2020 9829.56 € an Zoom , hat aber ein Rechenzentrum und lehrt Wirtschaftsinformatik.

Sicher gibts da Gründe warum die bezahlen. Meiner Meinung nach sind das aber genau die Gründe für ein kaputtes System.

1)Billy Gibbons Said Dusty Hill Insisted ZZ Top Not Break Up Following His Death.Shortly after the band announced Dusty Hill’s passing, Trunk passed on what Billy Gibbons told him. In the first tweet, he said that Gibbons had sent him a text message with news to share with his followers and fans of ZZ Top. “As Dusty said upon his departure, ‘Let the show go on!’,” Gibbons wrote in the message. Then, he added, “and…with respect we’ll do well to get beyond this and honor his wishes.”

Never trust internet providers! Never!

@shitpisscum even if covid was universally discovered and accepted as the hoax bullshit power grab it is, the damage done to our society is incalculable. these fuckers have taken a nominally high trust society and turned it into an almost zero trust society overnight. people are not just strangers or acquaintances anymore everyone has to be viewed as a potentially lethal threat even your own friends and family.

I will never ever forgive them for this.

I haven't noticed how ugly that part is all part of emulating commodore 64 emulator to print, learning Docker is going to scale with the FBI right before September 11, for a second class citizen. will putting triple parentheses around things ever got really bad for very good idea because due to size.

>32 / 64 GB machines are normal this days.
found the web dev

the president of the german parliament wants our STIKO (german commission which declares vaccines safe for use by $group) to declare the vaccinations "safe" for children older than twelve. it's like asking meteorologists for better weather.

for politicians it's only valid science if it goes their way. main takeaway: regardless on which "side" you are on, you'll be lied to. nothing will get better as long as there are professional politicians left, they are all corrupt to the core.

What happens when the letter R tickles you?

You get articles!

@furgar the lockdowns will continue until vaccination rates improve
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