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general rant about everything 

some german instances i've seen (where german is the language used most) feel like german twitter. just no zang to it. nobody questioning the german mass media consensus.

just look at whats going on in this country. politicians, media and corporations are fucking the public over from all sides but i should _trust_ them to handle covid and the climate change the right way?

i should trust the fucking green party whose chancellor candidate is a lying cheat, just because they are supposed to be "good"? i've voted enough times for them, only to get fucked and nothing done for the environment. they too want to line their pockets, like every politician. if they'd care for the environment they wouldn't put up election posters in the first place.

i only see fucking problems anymore, and there's nothing i can do to fix them.

consumption of bullshit (which really is 98% of things we have here in germany) has to go down massively. remaining resources should be put into building up sustainable localized food production, but it just won't happen.

i myself still consume far, far too many unnecessary things. i'm constantly pissed about myself because of it. it's maybe not healthy but at least i can look myself in the eyes. that one can't help it because of external pressure of society is just bullshit, especially for the people shouting loudest. _nobody_ can force you to consume anything.

except the vaccination of course! the spite of the heroic vaccinated who are now applauding that the evil unvaccinated have to pay for the fucking tests to go nearly anywhere is unsettling. it's on one hand completely irrational, everyone should have to get tested as the vaccinations aren't sterilizing - or are they? on the other hand it's deeply concerning how people, a majority who are regarding themselves as morally superior, are acting this way. what will happen if it turns out the mRNA vaccines have long term issues? buy the ticket, take the ride?

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When Chuck Norris moved out of his parents' house, he gave his father the keys and said "Now you are the man in the house."

It is curious that the words "cricket" and "bat" are both associated in 2 completely different contexts.

USA King Ponzi-Scheme Dollar.

Full Fiat Cat-Burglary of labor, wealth, and time from families for generations.

#ENDtheFED & NO to NWO Digital-Fiat Slavery via continued Babylonian Money Magic Debt-slavery.

to solve racism, we should simply remove everyone's skin
@Shadowman311 People think forgiveness is for the other person, that it's explicit and you need to forgive them and make up.
That's not the forgiveness that our ancestors thought of tho.
Their idea of it was that you eventually need to stop holding a grudge against that person inside your head. It was for your own peace of mind, to not constantly think of the wrongs others have done, both towards you and others and to forgive them is to put it aside and focus on the solution rather than being mad at the cause of the problem.

listening to no agenda 1489: boy, politicians like to talk about vague "tools" 😬

@m0urs ich trau userer regierung auch alles zu. die sitzen doch warm und trocken.

Internet: "The network allows for various kinds of protocols that y-"

Developers: "There is only HTTP"

HTTP: "You can formulate all kind of requests using GET, POST, PUT, DELE-"

Developers: "There is only POST"

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