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use technical solutions to social problems at your own peril

I spent all day building shelves out of particle board that would have otherwise been thrown in the rubbish. Grueling and frustrating work. I wish we would stop making particle board/ MDF.

covid, tinfoil 

there are a number of quite reputable scientists (of various disciplines though) which are sceptic about the pandemic & covid vaccines. they aren't right by default just because they have a nobel prize, _but_ they aren't some randos talking weird shit either. it kind of substantiates the feeling that _something_ is off about the whole covid-thing that all of them are ridiculed in the media. together with the electronic-vaccine-passport plans it feels kind of dystopian.

Гусеница редкого мотылька Phyllodes imperialis обладает своеобразным механизмом защиты. Когда её беспокоят, она внезапно выгибает спину, чтобы показать пару больших, пугающих глаз и нечто похожее на два ряда острых зубов.
#гусеница #защита

When every opinion is considered political, any opinion you hold is considered a threat and must be stamped out. Conformity is the only form of safety allowed.

I'll never understand why free/open-source software project use proprietary platforms like Discord or Reddit.

Like... Y'all built more flexible and robust tools *in the 90s* just use 'em damnit

I identify as a male, man, he, boy, etc. I was born this way and I never felt like being another gender. If you call me woman, she, they, it, etc. I won't be angry, even if you do it to somehow belittle me. I don't find that offensive because I don't think being a woman or called to be another sex/gender is offensive. I understand your pain and/or struggles but sometimes people make mistakes.

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Thanks #dillo browser splash page for referencing to Dr. James W. Prescott research page on the origins of peace and #violence: deprivation of physical affection in infant age and the punishment of sexual pleasure in adolescence. (quite surprised that an IT program refers this)

#weekendreadng #mentalhealth

webshit weekly strikes again: "It turns out that basically none of the original reasons Hackernews started using Signal apply any more, but since they convinced their idiot friends to start using it, they're all stuck with it anyway."

@bonifartius some additional points regarding netsurf : it's really amazing, a modular html&css engine capable of rendering to many different output devices on many platforms. if webshit wasn't so dependant on javascript it would really be quite usable for normal usage.

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@LaylaAlexandrovna @cubensis

I still have my spinster account. I was just experimenting one day, because I know so much of the fediverse blocks spinster for being terfy, I wanted to see if there was more of it from here. I didn't realize much of the fediverse also blocks @alex 's gleasanotor for supporting free speech. It is a crazy world where the woke are so afraid of other's opinions that must ban it outright.Quite a few other fediverse instances literally block sites for allowing free speech. They are so hung up on policing and compelling the speech of others, they haven't the slightest misgiving about denying debate, skeptical inquiry and challenges to their ideologies. I am grateful for @alex and @mk for daring to create a platform where debate can happen.

34% of WFH workers say they’d rather quit than return to full-time office work

And if they do need to come back to the office, even part-time, employees said they expect some changes. For example, they’d want their employer to cover their commuting costs, and also provide some form of childcare.

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