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one who lives rationality as his religion will neither find reason nor spirituality.

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@cjd A lot of the current practices are the reasons for soil erosion. My post is a grotesque meme but overall correct.

If you want to solve the issue of soil erosion you have to also stop tilling and stop using synthetic fertilizer, which will also solve one of the major issues of water pollution and thus re balance chemistry to allow plankton and many important micro life, thus also solving food chain issue.

You don't need to reforest ALL used lands but you can start by doing all farmland borders that were destroyed, or create borders if there weren't any.

In France there are more and more of these border that gets restored as they were removed after ww2, which was an error.
Villages who did that and had mud slides or were flooded or extreme winds don't have that issue anymore, but sadly there still a lot of work to do.

>Hay fields don't really contribute to soil erosion,
Depends, did they remove the border trees/bushes ? Are they tilling the soil ? Are they spraying synthetic fertilizers ? Are they letting it rest at least one or two years or adding an organic fertilizer/cattle shit on it ?

Why do Americans always insist on destroying a fried egg by flipping it over?

"fuck drm!! oh btw steam has sales now look at that"

"damn, windows is adding more garbage to their system" *installs it anyway*

"apple is really going overboard with the anti-consumer shit. heard they're releasing a new thing tho, gonna buy it"

"i wish artists would get paid more, that'd be cool" *pays for spotify instead*
>how do we solve soil erosion?
>plant trees
>how do we solve carbon retention?
>plant trees
>how do we solve heat issue?
>plant trees
>how do we solve water retention?
>plant trees
>how do we solve high winds?
>plant trees
I'm seeing a pattern here.
there are 4 genders, which are you?

Getting laid off from work due to budget cuts. Joked that I can always start only fans. That way my parents can finally tell people what I do for a living without being confused.

Using OpenAI's ChatGPT API, iTerm2 can now write commands for you, interpret the output of commands, and guide you towards a goal.

Oh, hot diggity, at long last my dream of true rm autocomplete is here.

There's an old unix (maybe multics or ITS) parable about a shell that would correct errors by finding the closest match, which was quickly disabled after it ate something important.

>No antivirus, just don't download apps outside of the Play Store (and of course stay away from pirated apps).
> just don't download apps outside of the Play Store
The European Digital Identity Wallet will consist of a mobile app issued in each Member State.

The EU is creating a personal digital wallet for every EU citizen to use for both online and offline public and private services across the EU

Another app ? Like the covid app ? :0160:
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