I'd like to know how to make a strong reading habit. I used to read many books, but during the last few years, I lost that habit. Now, after all of these social media and online entertainment become available, I need more concentration to read books at a stretch. I still read books but get distracted every 10 or 15 minutes. What can I do to stay on course with reading?


@SusantaC I love reading, but I don’t do it very often and I think the reason why is because when I read, I like to read for multiple hours at a time and being an adult doesn’t give me that luxury. I think that’s why I used to read a lot as a kid but I don’t read a lot anymore. I would say if you’re dedicated to reading start slow, eventually, will be able to increase the amount that you read each day.:)

@brandonb_phy I know that growing older brings many more responsibilities and worries which are constantly distracting and takes lot more energy and time. Also, I get called for things many more now than I would have been 20 years ago.
However, ideally we should be able to control our attention and put into something I want to get done in long term instead of switching context every 10/15 minutes.

Yes, I am trying to do it slow. When we are talking about picking and solidifying a habit, rushing does not help one. Thank you for your perspective.

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