Here’s a “from-the-archives” post

I’ve been recently having more and more conversations – some privately and some publicly – on using the turtle module for more than just drawing circles and patterns!

Some of you may know this is one of my favourite topics – in this example, we’re using it to visualise how sines and cosines are linked to the motion in a circle

How many children (and adults) learn about sines and cosines but don’t know what they really are?


@s_gruppetta what is insane to me, before I started college and really had to learn these relations, I had absolutely no idea what was actually going on. I fall over myself trying to shed light on this for other people now!

@s_gruppetta If you’re interested, I use the graphic a lot when I tutor calc 1 students to illustrate the difference quotient turning into the derivative

@brandonb_phy I think the intuitive understanding of such relations is not often fully appreciated by students (and maybe teachers) at secondary/high school

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