Very large (very cool) image of earth GOES16 

Finally, after a year of procrastinating, I got my receiver working. Here is a full color of the earth at 22Z that I pulled right off GOES 16! :)

@brandonb_phy Very cool! Got any specs you can share about your antenna? Looks great!


@0xbadc0fee Sure! I am using a 2.4GHz parabolic gird antenna made by Altelix, Nooelec Sawbird LNA for 1.688Ghz (GOES transmit frequency) and the Nooelec NESDR SMArTee XTR all with a raspberry pi. I hacked in a SSD1306 oled display driver so I could see the vit while I was adjusting!

@brandonb_phy sweet! Ill def check out the antenna info. Not GOES but I just built a pi based NOAA-APT system this summer so i know how much tweaking and troubleshooting can go into these. Dont make my mistake, keep your pi cool. Mine was exposed to direct sun too long and took subtle but fatal thermal damage, took forever to diagnose. Congrats!

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