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Ever consider tremendously overengineering a simple idea? Well if happens to be an On Air sign for your office/podcast studio, boy, do I have you covered. sixcolors.com/post/2022/11/cre

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@charlesesmith @atpfm I think a path forward is ActivityPub as a common protocol. It has some room to evolve to be more network efficient to scale well first. But if Tumblr, Flickr, Micro.blog, Mastodon, and others adopt a common protocol we can build out a post sharing ecosystem. Nb: this doesn’t solve content moderation or legal liabilities. This is where companies come in—providing that value atop a common protocol. (Like email providers and spam filtering sort of)

I don’t follow anymore, but it was nice to see that won this year’s . Apparently both and (correctly spelled) are pretty terrible at .

Lost in Cal’s wild Big Game victory: The game might not remain big forever - San Francisco Chronicle


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▶️ newyorker.com/magazine/2022/11


"Our descendants would live happier lives “under a warmer sky.” The prospect was, in any event, distant; doubling atmospheric CO2 would, he reckoned, take humanity three thousand years.

It’s easy now to poke fun at #Arrhenius. The doubling threshold could be reached within decades, and the results are apt to be disastrous. But who among us is any different? Here we all are, watching things fall apart. And yet, deep down, we don’t believe it."

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The flight of NASA's Artemis (purple) uses two very close encounters with the moon's gravity (green) to changes its trajectory to get back to the earth (blue.) Amazing.

Was feeling a little nostalgic for Google Wave. Turns out that came and went between 2009 and 2010. Apparently Apache messed with it for a while, and only officially stopped development in 2018 (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_W).

Then I remembered Google+. I had some hopes already back in the early 2010s that at least Google+ could give FB and Twitter some competition. On paper it existed 2011-2019 (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google%2), but really it was officially killed on October 8, 2018.

While I was looking up Google+, that wikipedia page reminded me about Orkut. Remember Orkut!?! (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orkut) Turns out that as of April of this year, the website is back up: orkut.com/index.html

See you there?

Getting (overly) excited about and getting very close to the moon. At this moment, it's about 49000 miles from the moon.

Updates from NASA: blogs.nasa.gov/artemis/

Reminder this is the test run of the spacecraft that will take humans back to the moon for the first time in >50years. The plan is for people to be on the moon in 2025.
Overview from space.com: space.com/artemis-program.html

shockingly close to the (as of right now). Follow the mission in real time:

Are 8 billion people too many — or too few? - Vox

Interesting article:

Kind of glazes over the environmental catastrophe that has so far accompanied human population growth, but still interesting.

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