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Raspberry Pi Debuts a Code Editor for Young People: "Python is the preferred coding language for beginners (particularly young people), as it’s the most intuitive language utilized by professionals. For this reason, Raspberry Pi’s Code Editor uses Python (specifically the standard library and P5)."


#programming #python

The Surprising Parallels Between Text-To-Image AI Models & Mobile Operating Systems (kind of a fun comparison) #AI #images

👨‍🎓💻How to enhance digital literacy & provide practical knowledge about #disinformation at school?

✅ Teachers, we have got you covered! This set of guidelines provides advice on how to use #digital tech responsibly & helps you assess student digital competences.

Check it out⤵️


We’re going to court TOMORROW to defend the digital rights of all libraries! Library Futures will be hosting a live blog during oral argument and a live discussion afterwards. Here's how to participate:

@MrBerard @ramblingreaders @bookstodon

To show my UX classes what a “dark pattern” is, I ask them to simply find the link to delete their Amazon account.

It is a rare student who can find it.

Second talk that I’ve listened to about Hedy ( within 12 months. It is a really interesting way to teach programming that simplifies core concepts closer to human language. Really want to dig in to this more and to try it out with youngsters. #FOSDEM

@kevsmac is a great example of someone who wanted to do something, and so he went ahead and did it. His secret? Start small, fix your mistakes, and do it again.

Starting with an obsession with modular printed robots, then MicroPython, then livestreaming, he has built up into a great resource for anyone who wants to get started with #robotics, the intersection of mechanical #engineering, electronic engineering, and #programming

New blog from me, an intro to #physicalComputing for #teachers, with some terms demystified and the devices explained... something I wrote for our #NCCE hub, enjoy.
#caschat #computing
#microbit #raspberryPi

I put together a slide deck that introduces Mastodon to someone who has no idea how to even use it. It's not great, but you may find it useful if you want to tell your colleagues about it.


Years ago, I wrote an article called “The Psychology of #Twitter” which went viral. I just wrote “The Psychology of #Mastodon: The Great Migration From Twitter” - it’s about how the Fediverse is an immersive learning exercise for society to master decentralized thinking. Please boost and share!

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