Having vivid weird recently…

Last night I dreamt of a swimming race. Upon reaching the other side, I had to talk (in English) with a man who looks like Mao about PRC- relations.

After that a really cute girl volunteered to dry my hair, and bragged about how good her hair dryer was while doing it.

One of her “talking points” was that the hair dryer used a higher voltage than normal. “It’s not like it’s more unsafe,” she said, “the voltage of normal hair dryers already zaps you to death anyway.”

Then after that I fiddled with her laptop (which was a !) for some reason, and she was using Spotify, out of all things, for voice conferencing. I even accidentally killed the process and had to restart it.

The scene then changed to my grandma’s house, and more bizarre stuff happened, though my memory is more faint on this.


Perhaps I should start posting about my every day lol ;)

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