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People think I'm cat crazy but it's not like I talk to my cats. That'd be so stupid, they don't speak English, obviously I meow and repeat cute nicknames in baby talk.

@wzqtparor @meeper yeah a fediblob told me eich was "a bad leader" because he was sabotaged and forced out for voting against gay marriage in private.

i shrug because if he's a bad leader why does he run another successful browser company and moz's market share has consistently failed ever since he was kicked out?

Mozilla but it focuses on the browser rather than their stupid idea of publicity

In time, the closed minded bitcoin deniers will look just like this, as @wiz skilfully shows.

@admin homosexuality is based af and the future of humanity, wake up old man
@kura @slovborg yeah slovborg seemed confused.

Not that it really matters since judges are retarded boomers but you're not really linking or posting anything. You're part of a communication network, it's literally just like email except public broadcasts instead of direct messages. It's like blocking gmail because people are emailing swastikas to your users.
something I think everyone is missing in this Stallman thing is this isn't about only Stallman, the open letter is asking for the entire board of the FSF to be gutted.

Stallman was fine when he left the FSF, he can live as chairman of the GNU project but if the board of the FSF gets replaced with google apologists were fucked.

Stallman is the figurehead but we cant lose sight of what is (in my humble opinion) the larger issue

hmmmm... seems to be blocked by #GFW? #China

Can visit it sometimes while can’t for sometimes.

To be or not to be. This is what #politics is like.

#消息转发 #跨性别

In a world dominated by web technologies

where developers waste CPU and RAM by writing their applications in Electron

There are still heroes optimizing their code to cut off 4 instructions per loop iteration


If you think alot about why inequality happens, or how much of inequality is laziness vs circumstance, this is an excellent video that explains that but without the guilt or virtue signaling. Great math and statistical explanation of the dynamic.

Really everyone should watch this:

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