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To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same. Add to the post.

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So I got the raw 3d MRI source files from the hospital. Then I got the software needed to view the MRI in 3d. It let me rotate, slice, and even colorize the images. So **I** generated these images from the raw MRI. It shows my kidney, heart, and skeleton from 4 different angles fully colorized. How cool is that!

I also included some of just the heart and kidneys on its own from the same scan.

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What makes more sense for an high-reliability application?

Finally getting around to some electronics work, I've a few questions for those in the know...

Planning to start off with some op amps and basic RLC circuits

1) Looking at ~Β£22 for a soldering iron kit and ~Β£10 for basic component kit. Are there any pitfalls or good deals I should be aware of?

2) Op amps need an AC supply, loath to buy a ready made one however. Worth building a power supply from scratch?
( @freemo I know you recommended building some LED/RLC stuff first but I can't find the post and since I'll be needing an AC source soon anyway)

3) Any other practical considerations to bear in mind?

Well I fractured my leg not even a week into my egypt trip. Ffffuuunnnnn

@freemo Before the internet? That's been a long time, I even forgot the name of my Nglish teacher

@freemo wait, is it rlly ur bdayy!? omg happy birthdayyy

Just a reminder, today is my birthday and Cardano is a perfectly acceptable gift ;)

What is your favorite dialect of the American language (sometimes erroneously called English)?

So i had yo switch hotels as there was no easy access yo the deep ocean at my last one. Slippery rocks made it impossible to get in safely. Anyway at a new hotel and got 15 minutes if open ocean swimming in before the sun went down and the life guard yelled at me. Still had a lot of fun. I plan to be in the ocean all day tomorrow. Tonight im gonna be lazy and get some seafood room service.

If you want to see a map of my swim check it out here, pull up satellite view:

Sharm El Sheikh Open Water Swimming

Check out my open water swimming activity on Garmin Connect.

The sea here in egypt is a bit of a mixed bag. The water was more than warm enough to enjoy, so thats nice. Also the outside is fairly warm at 27C / 80F and above. The problem is there is a constant fairly significant wind with no breaks and as result a decent current. You have to constantly exert effort to stay still and are fairly cold coming out of the water. Should be ok for scuba though.

The other problem is the beach is rocky and slippery, very dangerous with my back. My hope is ill find a better point to enter next time. I need a day more to recover from my travels before ive recovered enough to attempt a proper dive too

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