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So I recently got a few thousand boards printed up for my protoboard design. Tested them on a few circuits and im amazed how well they work. I'm writing the datasheet now and we will begin selling on digikey, mouser, and many other big names soon.

In the meantime any EE people out there want a free board? We are going to hand out a few hundred for free to get people interested.

Here are some past posts I made about it for some background info. I've also attached an image of the final boards.

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To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same. Add to the post.

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So I got the raw 3d MRI source files from the hospital. Then I got the software needed to view the MRI in 3d. It let me rotate, slice, and even colorize the images. So **I** generated these images from the raw MRI. It shows my kidney, heart, and skeleton from 4 different angles fully colorized. How cool is that!

I also included some of just the heart and kidneys on its own from the same scan.

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a superintelligent alien may not understand what we call mathematics. the mathematical tools we use may be built-in to their brains/bodies so they don't need to externalize ideas like prime numbers


I have to admit, I tend to agree. I relayed Spinster after first seeing this thread and then deleted the relay after a few hours. I couldn't handle it. Toxic, negative, militant, man-hating vibe. I like Alex and I enjoy his Gleasonator site but I don't share his taste in Spinster. I don't agree with the block but I wouldn't be surprised if the reason had nothing to do with the Gab software.

I still wish I could un-relay freespeechextremist but this buggy Pleroma stuff keeps erroring out when I try. I can un-relay any other site but not that one.

@seanking @valleyforge @farhan @alex

@freemo might be because they all have a double carbon bond

Why is it every name that ends in -ene belongs to an elderly lady from some backwater town:


Having some fun in the lab today doing some semisynthesis on phenols using Boron Trifluoride Etherate. Everything should be done except the final distillation step ill be doing tomorrow.

Sharing this for general interest plus we have Next Cloud of course

It's clear that you can’t count on large tech companies to secure data sufficiently. The more important point is that passwords do not offer sufficient security. Most experts agree that it is time for a radical change. But how? A few solutions exist!

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@freemo i've created my account here yesterday exactly because of the current short rules! they are concise and, even if some may object that this is the case, i think it should be easy enough for everyone to be civilized.

"In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you." -- Buddha

Ok so after a day of running TLC plates on this experiment and continually failing to separate out the THC and th CBD on the plate I decided to give up and wait for a more appropriate stain that colors differently for THC and CBD to help that along...

In the meantime just to be sure I did do a colorimetric test called the beam test which can distinguish between CBD and THC nad I can show the final product has relatively no CBD in it.

The picture below shows the before and after sample tested side by side. The vial on the right was the vial that held the pure CBD (just had a little residual dust in it). It turned pink and then a dark violet. The watch glass on the left as the final isomerized product. It remains clear indication no CBD is present in the sample, this strongly suggests it is a relatively pure sample of THC.

We at Qoto are always scouting for new Talent, and open to suggestions, comments.

Adding new Staff members is good for all communities -- it's a labour of love, we do it for the fun, the pleasure of seeing things growing up, a nice social climate growing.

I would like to invite any Active user here at Qoto (or in the Fediverse at large, if you decided to join us) to consider if they would like to help.

* Collaborators are one of the levels I see as important in user's participation in any community. While not in a formal administrative role, Collaborators are recognized for the quality of their posts, interactions.

All communities depend on users participation -- otherwise you would be building static web pages and publishing your own content, like a Blog for example.

* Moderation staff, in my opinion, should be active members, who personally produce content and interact with the local membership to enhance a positive climate.

It's not a Cop on the Beat job, although sometimes we have to perform the duties of judging content and deciding what action if could require, or not.

From my post linked below :

"4. What makes a good Moderator? Ideally a stable and pondered person, capable of communicating clearly and actively present in the community.

The job of a Moderator is, in my personal view, more than simply keeping an eye out for unacceptable behaviour or content. But any Staff member in a site should be interested in it and a community builder him/herself."

I wrote my own personal reflections back in late November, 2019, about the role of an active user and aspiring leadership candidate.

It's a Long Form page, of course; I don't post bare URLs or video links much, Words are my passion.

If interested, take a look at :

Moderator Nomination – My Personal Views --

The TLC plate i was trying didnt quite work. I think it wasnt ling enough to allow the chemicals to seperate. This one is a bit ugly as i had to cut it but its 3 tines longer. Maybe this will work...

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