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Ok well, I'll admit the plan @ral
In the water reservoir there are 2cm diameter strings of polypropylene going down till the bottom of the barrel, which should get the water to the soil by capillarity (tested many, this was the best string).
It is automatically refilled with a floating valve, so no energy needed.

The small orange thing in the enter is a tower, so I just throw my kitchen scraps in there and it should replenish the fertility.
Every hole of course is where a plant will go.

ok, this project is started. Looks a bit retro#solarpunk, but it's a practical thing. Who can guess what it is and what does it do? =D Some hints:


I pass these beautiful guys often as it's right next to my house. I've got into the habit of carrying a few carrots with me for them. They get so excited when they see me. If I pass by without at least stopping to say hi they baaaaa at me in discontent.

Wondering what the best practice would be on for people talking in more languages.

I don't like to have my timeline spammed with languages I don't understand, so would avoid writing in another language here. So what, making another account? Would be useful to have "subchannels", like does, so that one may just follow my English posts.

Any thought on the matter? What would you consider the best practice here?

An old pic from when I visited California and saw my very close friend. Can you guess what we just did?

A wide-band phase shift circuit I just finished building. She ain't the prettiest, but she works!

These really cool new surface mount prototyping boards arrived today (they work for DIP/through-hole too). See my other post for my first project using it.