I am absolutely floored that I have 25,000 followers after less than a year of being on Mastodon. I would donate a kidney to each and every one of you. Not one of my kidneys obviously, but the sentiment is still just as meaningful.

"Why can't we just agree to disagree on politics?"

My dude.

- Agree to disagree was called pro-choice. You ended it and shoved authoritarian control of women's bodies down our throats.
- Agree to disagree was called LGBTQ inclusion. You banned it from schools, libraries, bathrooms, and the military.
- Agree to disagree was called Black Lives Matter. You mocked it and spat on it and threatened us with violence if we "try that in a small town".
- Agree to disagree was called Democracy. You traitors tried to kill it and install a military coup of your orange god emperor instead.

So no. Apparently, "we" CAN'T agree to disagree. And that's entirely your fault.

Finally went through my footage of pink oyster mushrooms releasing their spores to find the very prettiest part.

#mushrooms #mushtodon #fungi

I just met a corgi puppy and I need to report that corgi puppies aren't even real, they are synthetic cutemonsters fabricated from cartoons, plush toys and happy happy songs in a factory itself made of candy, delight and hope.

I played DnD for the first time today and the nerd part of me is so fucking happy 😊 I've wanted to play for years and years. I'm nearly 50. It really is never too late to do something for your inner child.

💫 A blog post about design, and theme parks, and my thoughts about what happens when the thing you design doesn't quite work out as expected


Over many years, I have been gradually replacing all of the paragraphs in the Ship of Theseus Wikipedia article.

Maybe someday, assuming I dont die, I will sit on this porch and paint pictures and people will come visit and drink coffee with me and take a picture home, or a little book of poetry. yes, you are all gonna be welcome for coffee and a painting or a book of poetry or maybe both, at our little house on Adkins Forest, and if you are wondering, yes, I mean you.

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My coding style is to add shit until it works then after it does add comments that make it seem like I knew what I was doing all a long.

Working on an abridged Beowulf and the explainer introduction is solid gold

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