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"A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It's where the rich use public transportation."

The amazing golden color of these scarab beetles (Chrysina resplendens) is not a result of pigmentation or actual metal, but ≈70 microscropic chitin layers of decreasing thickness that reflect light to produce a metallic effect.

Video credit: insecthaus_adi/ig

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“It’s a basic human right for every worker to get a water break when they need to. It saves their lives. My brother would still be here if he just had a water break. It’s that simple," said Jasmine Granillo who lost her brother Roendy to heat stroke after he was denied a break.

Today, Congressman Greg Casar joins TX workers, advocates, and other congress members in a THIRST STRIKE to demand Biden and OSHA mandate federal heat protections for workers. HB 2127, or the Death Star Bill, will eliminate local ordinances for water breaks by Sept 1.

“Is mastodon like twitter?”

“No, not at all. Mastodon is still a thing.”

There’s something in the air today. Could it be…yes, I recognize that. It’s the sweet smell of a pending indictment. Federal flavored, I believe. Can’t come soon enough.

Important sets:
ℂ the complex numbers
ℕ the natural numbers
ℚ the rational numbers
ℝ the real numbers
𝕏 the set of fascists wannabes
ℤ the integers

Vanilla is one of the most popular scents. But have you ever sat down to experience the aroma of a homecooked lasagna? It reminds you of family, it reminds you of home & it fills you with comfort. This is why we, the folks at Dove, are introducing a brand new line of soaps and-

Hey if slavery is so great, why doesn't Desantis enslave white folks? His kids should be slaves right? Why wouldn't they want to be slaves? They should be be lining up.

“If I had to describe the Barbie movie in three words, it would be: Men ruin everything.”

— My daughter (16)

Every time I'm on a train I fantasise that James Bond is on the roof and he's coming to kill the bastard sat near me who can't stop coughing.

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