In three weeks we have our next international big practice and learning event at 15th June 2023 (CEST time zone): "A Kaleidoscope of Exercises, Languages and Teamwork"

The EU thinks Wikipedia is the same kind of platform as Facebook or Amazon. This is disastrous for knowledge, and a demonstration of pure ignorance in Europe's regulatory infrastructure.

I need help verifying a code kata setup in Cpp on Windows. You will need to install MySQL connector and have Docker working. Who can help?

Hey! Our Swiss edition of SoCraTes Conference 2023 is on mastodon too! Follow us there @socrates_ch

Y’know what, if you don’t have an RSS or Atom feed for your exclusive content, I don’t want it. Go away.

Thank you both rradczewski and mplavcan for organising the Global Day of Coderetreat this year. This is a tradition worth keeping.

After the is before the ! Join our next big remote and learning event at 29th Nov 2022 (Tuesday, not on weekend). Register here

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