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In SW design, there is a tension between keeping data and its logic together versus keeping related logic together.

The Samman Technical Coaching Society had its first Unconference. We are on a mission to enhance our industry by empowering technical coaches worldwide to help development teams improve their technical skills, thus finding more joy in their work. #sammancoaching
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Are you thinking about hiring a technical coach? Or trying to get hired? My new video outlines some FAQs for hiring managers looking to bring in a technical coach. It really shouldn't be any harder than hiring a Scrum Master.

I've also set up the Samman Technical Coaching Society as a not-for-profit organization that aims to help technical coaches to do a better job. We are about a dozen technical coaches now who share the work of maintaining this website .

We welcome contributions from other coaches, you can find a list here:

Some of us are on Mastodon - @nitsanavni @gregorriegler @claresudbery @codecopkofler @EsterDaniel


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I knew the Dunning-Kruger effect wasn't valid, but thanks to this post I finally understand why: "The Dunning-Kruger Effect is Autocorrelation"

Would you like your development team to make better use of their refactoring tools? Write more tests? Perhaps you've thought about doing some training sessions with them practicing with code katas. Would you like some help getting started with that?

Read on for some links to resources...


Stop trying to "lead" me with your requirements and expectations. I help with several non-profit volunteer orgs on my free time that money from work does not control. I feel strongly there are too many leaders who talk without them doing anything other than expecting others to pick up their queue. I have my own ideas to implement, I don't need hundreds of "leaders" pushing their agendas for me to execute.

Do something. Stop expecting it from others. Focus on you.

Parrot is one of my favourite refactoring exercises too. To learn about it - and even if you know it - check out @emilybache video - it's hilarious - must watch!

My client is running an open, remote again: 14th December 2023. Guests are welcome! Details and register link (European Time Zone)

In three weeks we have our next international big practice and learning event at 15th June 2023 (CEST time zone): "A Kaleidoscope of Exercises, Languages and Teamwork"

The EU thinks Wikipedia is the same kind of platform as Facebook or Amazon. This is disastrous for knowledge, and a demonstration of pure ignorance in Europe's regulatory infrastructure.

I need help verifying a code kata setup in Cpp on Windows. You will need to install MySQL connector and have Docker working. Who can help?

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