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got turned into a werewolf last night, so far i'm lycan it

Hi! I'm broke, didn't go to college and i want to learn more physics and trigonometry. Please, could you tell me good no so expensive books to start with? if they are oriented to game dev or physics engines even better. English or Spanish are fine.

I need books, not Ebooks. I can not focus on Ebooks and i want this near to me to check at any moment.

A boost to get recommendations would be extremely cool.

On a lighter note, this is Cookie and Cream, the kittens staying with us in the trailer this week. They only sleep for 20 minutes at a time and are otherwise attacking each other and everything else in sight.

Who learned to type on a real typewriter?


Please boost for a wider demographic.

If the world of dating is a classic orchestra, he’s the violin that only plays Appalachian fiddle music.

Most people will never understand autism and how it effects relationships due to differences in communication, or modes of operation. It’s why most of us stay to ourselves.

ε₯½εƒι™€δΊ†η‘ηœ ζ²‘ζœ‰δ»»δ½•ζι«˜εŸΊη‘€ζ™ΊεŠ›ηš„ζ–Ήζ³• θ₯ε…»ηš„ε¦‚ζžœε€ͺδΈηΌΊδΉιƒ½ε½±ε“ζ²‘ζœ‰η‘ηœ ε€§

I hope we get a live stream of zuck and musk beating each other up. Finally something good to come from these two

It's time for some sleep :pusheentired: :sleep: :stux:

Goodnight my dear friends :mastodon: :fediverse: :blobcathearts: ❀️ :blobfoxsnuggle:

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