The #ACCESSAct will help everyone that Big Tech has silenced - from BLM to Palestinians, Christian ministries to conservatives - create their online forums, with house rules that reflect their own values and needs.

"13 important points in the campus & K-12 'critical race theory' debate" by by Greg Lukianoff, Adam Goldstein, Bonnie Snyder and Ryne Weiss in "The Eternally Radical Idea"

(Side note: The replies to Lukianoff's Twitter thread on the article are a perfect demonstration of one of the reasons why I hate Twitter threads. I gave up trying to follow the discussion under each post. )

YouTube says this is due to a security update that was made for unlisted videos, but they clearly have the technical ability to preserve the URLs of old videos if they have an opt-out option.

"URIs don't change: people change them."

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is setting unlisted videos uploaded before 2017 to private unless the channel owner opts out.

If you have any old unlisted videos, please opt out ASAP so people can continue to access the videos at the same URLs!

I wonder how many these days still adhere to the classic model of providing downloadable audio files in an RSS/Web feed, rather than locking the audio behind streaming services and apps

We're calling on @paypal to reinstate the account of a long-time Tor supporter and commit to more transparency about account closures and freezes going forward.

"What digital files and digital artists do have is duplicatability... I'm horrified to see this willingly traded for an opportunity to reproduce the worst parts of the existing physical art market, where 'the original' is useful foremost as a rare thing- a unique thing- that, in its scarcity, is an asset."


Digital rights are only as strong as our power to enforce them. But when we sue government officials for violating our digital rights, they often get away with it because of a dangerous legal doctrine called “qualified immunity.” Congress must repeal it.

I don't share the same attitude of ownership over my work that some other artists/creatives seem to have, but have to agree that this whole thing (and I'm inclined to say the hype around in general) is absolutely ridiculous.

By the way, if you want to get a sense of the environmental impact of NFTs specifically there's

(Repost w/ more hashtags)

(It probably would've been better if only the account owner could tokenize their posts but still.)

"Connections Versus Subscriptions," in other words, only some connections include wanting to receive a regular feed of what they post: doesn't apply to when people say just "coronavirus" instead of "the coronavirus". It would be like saying, "Spider has moved to..." as opposed to, "The spider has moved to..."

TLS certificate for expired on January 31 and hasn't been updated. Even after bypassing the browser security warning I get the same Mastodon error page. I don't have much faith that it's going to be restored. It's a shame, I posted a lot of thoughts there that I'd like to keep. I guess it's a harsh lesson learned.

The shows that unlimited tolerance for intolerance is untenable. But it doesn't say what the limits should be.

I often find this brought up in response to those who oppose speech restrictions, as a way to justify such restrictions. The paradox can help show why some restrictions may be justified, but it doesn't say what they should be or whether they are justified at all in a given situation.

This paradox (or any paradox) should be the beginning, not the end, of discussion.

"The Chinese Robber Fallacy is where you use a generic problem to attack a specific person or group, even though other groups have the problem just as much (or even more so)."

This is something I remember wanting to write about a while ago, and I'm glad someone else has already done it and given it a snappy name.

"The Chinese Robber Fallacy" by Alyssa Vance in The Rationalist Conspiracy:

"In the New York Times' worldview, they start with the right to dox me, and I had to earn the right to remain anonymous by proving I'm the perfect sympathetic victim who satisfies all their criteria of victimhood. But in my worldview, I start with the right to anonymity, and they need to make an affirmative case for doxxing me."

"Still Alive" from Astral Codex Ten

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