I am watching everything (well, nearly everything)
If you have any suggestions, please hit me up.
At the moment I am very exited how they will do The Culture series. If Amazon blows this I will be pissed.

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@commandelicious I guess you have already seen Altered Carbon? Enjoyable, but not so deep as I hoped.

@commandelicious best part of the complete series, hands down.

@pkok It was a ok to good series.
Most enjoyable for me is Continuum.
And I am a big fan of the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

@hadret The first two seasons, I think. The third is out if I am not mistaken.

@commandelicious that's correct, though it usually takes a while for Netflix to catch up, at least in Germany. anyway, season 3 shall be available somewhere in October. did you like two first seasons?
I can also recommend Star Trek Discovery. I started with Lost in Space, but didn't really fall for it...

The Expanse I found "ok".
Discovery I stopped watching.

@commandelicious @hadret I really liked Lost in Space! However, it's really soft sci-fi, and in an alternative world there might have been a spin-off called Lost on Sea.

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