This weekend I found the ideal hazel coppice for my first trip. I waited until my 51st year to realise the childhood dream sleeping in my own den in the woods.

Well that was a new experience. Crossing the fabulous hurdle bridge at Laforêt. Originally built by tobacco growers for easier access to their crops during the low water months of summer, it is still rebuilt each summer from hornbeam staves.

This is an old Maquis Camp hidden in the woods of the Ardennes, restored to its 1944 condition. The occupying German forces never found this one, despite the Panzergrenadier detachment garrisoned just a kilometre away in the village of Vresse.

The camp had sleeping quarters, a kitchen, mess, chapel, and a telephone line to a house in the village to provide warnings of troop movements.

Finally got around to fitting the new planing stop to the old bench. Works a treat, should have done this ages ago.

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