watching fire engines and ambulances speed around. happy throw wet turkey into hot oil day

thankful that voters justified my cautious optimism about American democracy

just spit balling this: perhaps we need to give countries an opportunity to improve their human rights record before allowing them to host a world cup tournament

americans will analyze sporting contests with more academic rigor than the connection between hate speech and violence

me: hate speech is bad

twitter: lol cry more lib

mastodon: speech hating on hate speech also hate speech, I’m just saying

moral of the story: you can change your social media platform but you really can't escape privileged white goofy goofs

point: Twitter is a Nazi playground owned by a sociopathic CEO who’s going to platform terrorists that will eventually unleash political violence
counter-point: Twitter is still a voice for underprivileged, underrepresented communities, charities, animal shelters and small businesses

the normalization of hate speech leads to violence. no matter how much fascists try to hide behind “the marketplace of ideas” or “freedom of speech” this is a fact. hold these motherfuckers accountable for their complicity.

if you can't handle criticism or feedback from your employees you shouldn't be trying to create a marketplace of ideas

looks like there are weirdos on this site as well

donald trump was the inevitable culmination of American conservatism. elon musk is the inevitable culmination of American libertarianism. both just big piles of feces masquerading as ideology

gop: we need to do some soul searching about why we lost

everybody: it's because your party is full of mediocre performative fascists led by an election denier who attempted a violent coup

gop: we'll never know...

bye sarah palin. you were trump 1.0 and i’m glad your career in politics died after being endorsed by trump 2.0

can’t wait for trumps announcement to slowly dismantle the republican party over the course of the next two years

please sir let me watch loren bobert lose before you start world war 3

went to the ER this morning for heart palpitations
nurse: has anything changed in your lifestyle for the past few days
me: yes the democrats are on the verge of somehow keeping both the house and the senate

my boys Chris Cornell and Tom Petty look on and upon the flag I received during my naturalization ceremony and the "I voted" sticker I received after my first vote as a citizen. we're defeating trump fascism. we just need to keep doing it year after year election after election.

the dog has gained too much weight and my wife has warned me to halve his dinner portions and now I’m seeing my not so distant future

I don't understand why people have multiple ids here I'm only on my first drink

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