The letter 'b' in the word 'subtle,' is.
-polydorr, Jul 2013
don't you hate it when you send a text really late or early and the damned person actually replies, but you don't want to have that conversation right *now*?
I wonder how many miles I've scrolled with my thumb
-Rick0r, Mar 2016
Car brake lights should get brighter the harder the driver is using the brakes
-mwright0654, Jul 2014
When deaf people are talking with sign language, I feel like I'm the deaf one
that can't hear them.
-Rhovandir, Nov 2015
I think a good response to "you don't take criticism well" is "You're probably
right, thanks for the feedback."
-tenebris_spiritus, Sep 2016
Most people can eat the same breakfast, weeks in a row without a
complaint. But the same dinner 2 days in a row? That's not allowed.
-Razuto22, Sep 2015
I definitely used way more glue in the first five years of my life than I have
in all the time since then.
-UllrRllr, Aug 2016
Do you think Benedict Cumberbatch's friends ever say "No Shit Sherlock" if he
states something obvious
-fatman40000, Dec 2014
Stop smoking ads has gotten to the point where they're more obnoxious than
smokers themselves
-Bear_Wizard72, Aug 2016
At the age of 28, my expected lifetime remaining is around 63%. When I see my
phones battery at 63%, I feel like its almost dead.
-jayson88, Jul 2016
> There are basically two kinds of philosophy. One’s called prickles, the other’s called goo. And prickly people are precise, rigorous, logical. They like everything chopped up and clear. Goo people like it vague. For example, in physics, prickly people believe that the ultimate constituents of matter are particles. Goo people believe it’s waves. And in philosophy, prickly people are logical positivists, and goo people are idealists. And they’re always arguing with each other, but what they don’t realize is neither one can take his position without the other person. Because you wouldn’t know you advocated prickles unless there was someone advocating goo. You wouldn’t know what a prickle was unless you knew what a goo was. Because life isn’t either prickles or goo, it’s either gooey prickles or prickly goo.

— Alan Watts
*follows more people for more content*

oops i don't actually want to see this


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