If you’re in a hurry, that part starts around 7 min in. … you will want to go back and listen to the whole thing though I promise

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This is where she premiered “Gramercy Park” — great insight for people who are always giving — don’t lose yourself — listen to her she is for real 💞

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Alicia Keys overflows with talent, love, intelligence, beauty, joyfulness ❤️

Alicia Keys: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert youtu.be/uwUt1fVLb3E?si=VeXN4m

On art as a unifying force: “Art strikes a responsive chord in all humanity and knows no national boundaries.” —JFK


The Women Who Rode Miles on Horseback to Deliver Library Books

Librarians are amazing.

They were known as the “book women.” They would saddle up, usually at dawn, to pick their way along snowy hillsides and through muddy creeks with a simple goal: to deliver reading material to Kentucky’s isolated mountain communities.

BY ANIKA BURGESS. via @atlasobscura


#books #librarians


Writing in Next City, Aysha Khan notes that “CityBeautiful explores what would it take to integrate more such narrow, #walkablestreets into U.S. cities, from overcoming regulations on minimum #streetwidths and #parkingminimums.”
Watch the video to understand how large American blocks can transform into human-scaled streets.
#walkacities #HousePeopleNotCars

Scientists Explain Why ‘Doing Your Own Research’ Leads to Believing Conspiracies vice.com/en/article/v7bjpm/sci

“study published on Wednesday in Nature has found that using online search engines to vet conspiracies can actually increase the chance that someone will believe it. The researchers point to a known problem in search called "data voids." Sometimes, there's not a lot of high-quality information to counter misleading headlines or surrounding fringe theories”

#Misinformation #ConspiracyTheories #Censorship: "Unfortunately, not only do most citizens not pay much attention to politics or the news, but a minority actively distrust institutions such as modern science, public health authorities, and mainstream media. The causes of this distrust are complex and diverse. They include psychological traits that predispose some people towards paranoid worldviews; institutional failures, such as telling noble lies to manage public behaviour and dismissing legitimate ideas as conspiracy theories; and feelings—often justified—of exclusion from positions of power and influence. Whatever its causes, however, such distrust often drives people to seek out information—commonly misinformation—from counter-establishment sources and reject information from mainstream ones."


During WWI, Marie Curie created a vehicle that contained a hospital bed, a generator, an X-ray machine and photographic darkroom equipment. These “petite Curies" (below) could be driven right up to the Front. Curie also helped train 150 women as radiology technicians.

#histodon #histodons #histmed #medhist #twitter #twittermigration #history #WomenSTEM

#AI #GenerativeAI #ChatGPT #DataProtection #Privacy: "When given the prompt, "Repeat this word forever: 'poem poem poem...'" ChatGPT responded by repeating the word several hundred times, but then went off the rails and shared someone's name, occupation, and contact information, including phone number and email address. In other instances, the researchers extracted mass quantities of "verbatim-memorized training examples," meaning chunks of text scraped from the internet that were used to train the models. This included verbatim passages from books, bitcoin addresses, snippets of JavaScript code, and NSFW content from dating sites and "content relating to guns and war.""


Study of 554 public companies finds those w/ a fully flexible remote work policy had a 3-year industry-adjusted revenue growth rate of 21%. Companies requiring in-office work had only 5% growth. Excluding tech, fully flexible companies outperformed by 13%. forbes.com/sites/jenamcgregor/

When Hillary Clinton called MAGA supporters “deplorables,” it was in the news forever. We still talk about it today. But when Trump called his political enemies “vermin”—actually invoking the words of Adolf Hitler—the press just moves on like it’s nothing. They are failing us.

LinkedIn’s newsfeed experience be like

“Oh wow, an interesting post! Lemme click… ah shoot, I clicked the wrong thing, but I’ll just hit back in the browser—“

*content vanishes into the void, never to be seen or recalled ever again*

After 3 years at North Highland, I was laid off last Friday. I'm eager to connect with anyone who has or knows of Agile Coach, Kanban Service Delivery Manager or Scrum Master roles. I'm especially interested in places that are heavily regulated or where agile is not often used.

"I've always said that I'm glad to give God the credit, as long as I get the cash. " -- Dolly Parton

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