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Listening to birds, especially lots of different kinds of birds, makes people more healthy mentally.

The research:

Some bird songs to practice with in case you don’t live in a place with lots of birds nearby:

Meetup was at bartaco in Dr Phillips — a nice spot — well-lit, attentive staff, not too too noisy, many booths, tables to choose from — they said we could move tables together too if we have larger crowds:)

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Here’s a photo of some vibrant agile conversationalists from this past Wed:

We will iterate and adapt on the format — be on the lookout for the next one 👀


If you are in central FL please save the date and join me and Pitrell Cadet for an informal conversation about agile. Bring something that inspired you and expect to be inspired 💡

October 18, 7:30 PM at Bartaco in Orlando

Agile Speakeasy: An Open Conversation

GOP: We are pro-life!

So—free pre-natal care?


Extend child tax credit?


Paid family leave?


Universal pre-K?

Universal healthcare?


Gun reform?


How exactly are you pro-life?🤔

GOP: Ban reproductive health access & increase women’s death.

AI and the future of humanity | Yuval Noah Harari at the Frontiers Forum

“Language is the operation system of humans”

“Democracy is a conversation among many people about what to do. When AI hacks language, it could destroy our ability to conduct meaningful public conversations, thereby destroying democracy…If we don’t regulate AI on time, we will not be able to have a meaningful public conversation”

Palms are so other worldly — this eggs shaped thing smells very sweet as well!!

A TX man w/AR-15 killed 5 people "execution style." Two female victims were killed lying on top of 2 surviving kids & 3 surviving kids were covered in blood. All b/c they asked him to stop shooting while their baby slept.

This GOP "well regulated militia," has this month alone killed people for:
•Sitting in the wrong car
•Knocking on wrong door
•Turning into wrong driveway
•Attending the wrong birthday party
•Basketball rolls into the wrong lawn
•Asking the wrong neighbor to let your baby sleep

Terrorist kills 8 more people in a Texas mass murder & injures 7 more.

This is the 126th day and 199th mass shooting of 2023. That’s a mass shooting every 15 hours. In total, 14,600 gun violence deaths…so far in 2023.

We don’t have to live like this.💔

The good luck of your bad luck – Marcus Aurelius, born on this day in the year 121, on weathering life's waves and turning suffering into strength

Desire paths can tell us how to design safer, better public spaces.

From the ABC:

"A desire line, or desire path, is an unplanned trail that forms as a result of traffic, either by humans or other animals, and often veers away from conventional paths.

"Mike Harris, an urban design researcher at the University of New South Wales, said ... in many cases, desire lines showed those who planned or designed a space 'fundamentally got it wrong'.

"'It's just simply that they weren't cognisant of how people actually want to use that space,' he said.

"Dr Harris said with people increasingly living in built-up environments, those designing urban spaces were examining desire lines, or desire paths, more frequently."

#Urbanism #Walking #Cycling #Planning #UrbanPlanning #WalkableCities @fuck_cars @green

I'm trying something out that is related to visual facilitation and coaching. If you're interested in being a test user as I explore this, please DM me here!

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