Anybody dual boot Linux on Mac? If so, what's your favorite distro?

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For the time being everyone will have to go into their preferences and turn on advanced UI. The navigation menu disappeared in simple mode. I'm going to try to fix that but until I do just use advanced mode please.

According to a nationwide registry, biodegradable polymer drug-eluting stents showed greater clinical benefit compared to second-generation durable polymer drug-eluting stent for acute during a nearly two-year follow up.

What’s your favorite moment of 2019? #2020

Iron deficiency in heart failure: why so frequent and which mechanisms?

This editorial refers to ‘Iron deficiency in worsening heart failure is associated with reduced estimated protein intake, fluid retention, inflammation, and ant

Patient is a 35 year old male with no past medical history, presenting to the ED for syncope and palpitations prior to the event. Differential?

Any recommendations on best VPNs? Free vs. Paid?

@freemo I’m new to all of this, curious regarding the PGP fingerprint you have on your profile. How does it work?

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