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Hello, I’m new to the QOTO and the Fediverse and want to introduce myself.

I’m currently making a career transition to software engineering. I have worked in Python a little bit in the past year and am currently starting to use C. My interest/area of work is although I’m very new to it and software engineering in general. I am going back to school to get an Associates in Computer Engineering to hopefully fill in some gaps that I have.

Outside of work I am slowly working on a using the framework in Python. I also enjoy spending time with my kids by going on walks around town. My oldest son just started cubscouts and I am glad he is enjoying camping because it’s something I have always enjoyed too!

I’m looking forward to connecting with other people here and on other Mastodon servers too.

CTRL - SALT - DELETE. One of the new names for one of our city snow plows #hamont

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

Shameless plug 

Hey, beautiful people! A while ago I gathered all my almost not existing ability of digital painting determined to make Valentne cards (people are hard to draw). And not just any cards but LGBT-friendly with different skin tones options.
Here's the result.
You can choose between 3 skin tones, 3 different couples and 3 different texts. Or you can ask for a custom texts. That's more than 80 combinations to make you and your partner feel represented and proud to be you this Valentine's.
They are printable. You can find them on my Etsy store if you want to get some or just to tickle Etsy algorithm:
If not, a boost would be highly appreciated.

Dear friends, as of 31st of January,
I will be laid off from my current role. if you need;
any design work please do not hesitate to get a quote from me or refer to me, doesn't matter how small or big the project is.

Thanks in advance.

It's much easier and cheaper than you think to start your own server on Mastodon and the Fediverse.

Non-technical people can use a "Managed Hosting" service, where the hosting company does all the technical stuff for you, including setting up, upgrades and fixing things.

I run a website all about creating your own servers through managed hosting at:


This section is all about making your own Fediverse servers:


#Fediverse #Mastodon

Io sono americano. Io capisco un po l’italiano. :)


It's wild how computer programming went from exclusively women's work to "we're not sexist we just don't think women are interested in it" in like 40 years

Speaking of cool stuff, I recently contributed some improvements to the French #translation of the fheroes2 open source project. Really cool projet, really friendly people 🙂

This is an engine that recreates "Heroes of Might and Magic 2", so it runs on modern computers including #Linux, but also the Nintendo #Switch and #PSVita ! Buy the game on GOG, point the engine at the assets, and voilà, you get to (re)play this awesome game 🙂
#gameloc #retrogaming #retrocomputing

I wish there were power strips with multiple usb-c charging ports. I’m over usb-a!

Brilliant: Play #accordion by resizing your browser window:

Time for a proper #introduction!

I'm Tom, I'm a computer programmer, happily married, and I live in northeast PA.

#webcomics - I draw Station V3, at (since 2003!)

#scifi - Reading and watching. I enjoy shows like #startrek, #doctorwho, #blakes7, #space1999, and even #thestarlost. Finally watching #babylon5.

#music - Rock, especially 60s and 70s. Listening and collecting, especially on #vinyl and #8tracks. I also play #bass and #clarinet (but not bass clarinet!)

Hopefully everyone had a nice holiday break! I relaxed and played a lot of Apple Arcade, read about 1/3 of the book I’m using to learn C and typed typed up all the examples, and started learning Italian with a Duolingo and Pimsleur combo.

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