Richard had an old dead friend accused of rape, Minsky (not Epstein), so he tried to defend him. "News" sites started attacking him instead, telling lies about him. People started a witchhunt, they ruined his life, he was forced to resign from (that he founded). He did not defend rape nor pedophilia.

He did a big protest against the invasion of and , that made him vulnerable. He tried to have a conversation about important issues, but SJWs at the head of "news" sites disagreed with his opinions, and decided to kill him. People with pitchforks jumped on "news" headlines. They brought up previous mistakes of , many of which are not true, and decided that ruining his life was okay because of it.

The is fucked. If you have an unpopular opinion, people can ruin your life. cunts at online newspapers target individuals they disagree with. SJWs working in tech can ruin technologies with their propaganda. Explore privacy/anonymity/decentralized/free speech/SJW-free alternatives to the major building blocks of the internet!

@dialyzer So well put..

RMS goes against the profits big companies stand to make when anonymity , decentrality and privacy are burnt at the altar of egalitarian equalism

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