MIT IT Department to be Investigated by the FBI for Fraud
MIT at the Root of All Evil

MIT Students were observed manufacturing the bio+weapons that were implemented in the start of the CORONA virus. The Artificial Intelligence, lab grown Parasite is similar in nature to Streptococcal Bacteria. This Fungal Infection creates a luminescence field around the corona of the eye that can be easily programmed with the energy from any electronic device. The EM Field surrounding the Fungus AI is running on the same network as the IoT (Internet of Things). When China gained access to this network from the stolen NSA Vault 7 tools, they used this Biological AI to create new hybrid viruses that were sent out through the internet disguised as memes.

The Agenda is total control of all individuals through Remote Neural Networking and Monitoring via Electromagnetic Energy Fields. Furry's Fury's and Fags all know that the Hive Mind is already here. The has complete control over all the internet.

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