Thinking of going to get this holster today for my newest pistol.

Every time I stop to get a soda, I can’t help but think these stacked lids and convenient cups protruding from the wall would make it to easy for someone who wanted to inflict harm on other to poison everyone. Hide some ricin or other toxins, hell the flu bug even, on the stacks.

Google+ is shutting down, and the site's few loyal users are mourning

Google+'s small, tight-knit community of loyal users are devastated that their favorite site will disappear next year.

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'U.S. mail is not for sale' say anti-privatization protesters in downtown Oklahoma City

This event is just boring. Maybe it was all the leaks or just my mood. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Made by Google 2018

Find out what we've been up to this year. Watch the live presentation. October 9th, 11am EDT

I need some place to get great memes. I will miss that from G+.

I've been using Tusky since Mastodon started. Any other improved Android apps out there that I might can try. I like Tusky, just curious.

I need to get some followers and give some follows. :eyes_opposite:

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