💢Identifying a Large Number of Fake Followers.
💢Profile characteristics of fake Twitter accounts

RE-Meir Javedanfar @MeirJa Iran lecturer 🛑, writer and researcher ⁉. Israel affairs commentator 👎🏻 to various Persian language media 🦴. Owner 🦊of Iran-Israel Observer کانال تلگرام👿


1. They Are An Egghead
2. They Use Stock Profile Images
3. No Bio
4. Excessive Duplicate Tweets
5. Confusing Screen Name / URL Combination
6. Incoherent Tweets
7. No Interaction With Others
8. Follows 2,001-3,002, 4,000.3 People
9. Has Not Tweeted for 2 month or more
10. No or Low Follower Counts <25
11. An Unrealistic Amount of Tweets

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