"The CIA notified US Secy of State Blinken that the Ukraine counteroffensive would be unlikely to inflict a defeat on Moscow"

--Seymour Hersh, US veteran investigative journalist, citing a US intelligence official.

(Everyone with functioning brain cells predicted the "counteroffensive" would be a colossal bust.)

"It was a show by Zelensky and there were some in the administration who believed his bull****," the anonymous official was quoted as saying.

The veteran Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist, who broke the story earlier this year on Washington's role in last September's terror attacks against the Nord Stream gas pipeline network, has now pointed to evidence of disillusionment within the Biden administration as the NATO proxy war against Russia in Ukraine grinds to a halt.

Hersh's source also indicated that CIA director William Burns had apparently recently "made his move to join the sinking ship" of stoking the crisis in relations with Moscow over Ukraine after signing on to the administration's position on continued NATO expansion - which along with Kiev's eight-year-long war against the Donbass was one of the causes of the present conflict."

""Burns does not lack self-confidence and ambition," the anonymous intelligence official said, indicating that running the CIA under Biden has effectively been a demotion compared to his previous job as deputy secretary of state under Barack Obama.

Notwithstanding growing internal concerns about the continued viability of the proxy war in Ukraine, Hersh believes that the administration will continue to promote a wishful thinking approach to the crisis to the American people, even as "the end" nears and "the assessments supplied by Biden to the public are out of a comic strip.""

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