Dutch finally admit 'shameful acts' in colonial Indonesia - Asia Times

Going Underground

On this day in 1945, Indonesia’s🇮🇩 legendary leader Sukarno and Mohammed Hatta declare Indonesia to be independent of the Netherlands🇳🇱.

The independence declaration would spark a 4-year armed struggle by Indonesians against the Dutch occupiers, 45,000-100,000 Indonesians would be killed in the war for independence. The Netherlands finally agreed to hand over sovereignty to the United States of Indonesia in 1949.

Indonesia’s National Revolution would mark the end of the Dutch East Indies, putting a nail in the coffin of Netherlands’ empire and marked an important episode in the global south’s national liberation struggles to defeat colonialism.

Children never learn in school in the Netherlands about the Dutch bloody history, talking about salves, slavery, looting of African resources,.. and the murder of Indonesian people too.

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