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⦾People living in USA, EU and UK really need to educate themselves by not watching, reading or listening to BBC, CNN, FOX, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Racist Nazi UK's The Sun Daily Right-wing, The Sun on Sunday, Daily Mail TRASH Daily, The Mail on Sunday Sundays TRASH, etc.

Things are not always as we are told by Western propaganda machine, and often they are exactly opposite the truth.

I am Pro BRICS/+I am 🚫NATO, I am 🚫EU.

I am Pro China, Russia, and Axis of Resistance.

⦿🔥Canada … apocalyptic

◘Suspect in Damascus Ashura bombing dies during Hezbollah raid in Lebanon

◙Without IRGC efforts, Daesh would have dominated Europe': Raeisi

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi (c) attends the Supreme Assembly of Commanders of the IRGC in Tehran on August 18, 2023. (Photo by
Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi hailed the role that the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps played in the fight against terrorism in the region, noting that European countries would have been dominated by Daesh terrorists without IRGC's efforts.

⦾DD Geopolitics

🇺🇦Ukraine admits to terrorism

The head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Vasily Malyuk, reveal the details of the first terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge, organized by the SBU:

- 21 tons of hexogen were used
- explosives were wrapped with packaging film
- according to the documents, the truck officially transported rolls of film
- The SBU “bypassed” special jammers on the Crimean bridge, which knock down GPS coordinates, which made it possible to blow up a truck in the middle of the bridge;
- the main "participants" were citizens of the Russian Federation, they were "used covertly."

⦿Seyed Mohammad Marandi {SE 6 LONDON 12:21 19-08-2023 P2}
How can any so-called church support colonization, supremacism, ethnic cleansing, daily murder, and apartheid? Such a hate filled "church" is completely hostile to the values and teachings of Jesus. They are just like American Churches that justified slavery in the 19th century.

Quote MintPress News 21h
Zion Conference in South Korea

Footage has emerged from the Zion Conference hosted by the Jusarang Church in South Korea over the past few days. The conference called for churches to support Israel and pray for regime change in North Korea, which would then lead to… Show more

➢🇷🇺 Russia at the UN Security Council: "Why should the American people pay out of their own pockets for the military adventures of the Democratic Party?"

➤Brave act of a Swedish woman who tried to stop burning of the by the Mossad agent.
Every Muslim country MUST-
1-Boycott NAZI Swedish/ NAZI Denmark products.
2-Close down their Embassy.
3-Don't allow any Company work with NAZI Swedish/ NAZI Denmark companies.
4- Follow up and push and push ''UN rights council approves resolution on religious hatred''..

⁍⚡🇷🇺🇺🇦 Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov:

“If you look into the future, everything is bleak for the Kiev authorities and their curators. The longer the armed clashes drag on, the less willing Western investors are to participate in the post-conflict reconstruction of Ukraine. Their faith in its military successes and in general in the preservation of this state in any form and borders is becoming weaker. Not to mention that Kiev's ability to service its national debt is a big question mark. Failure to repay loans will inevitably place an additional burden on taxpayers in Western countries, will accelerate inflation and lower living standards. The West should also realize something else: Russia will protect its people and its vital interests by all means. And it would be better if our opponents realize as soon as possible the complete futility of confrontation with Russia and move on to more civilized, political and diplomatic methods to ensure a balance of interests.”

◘Empire Of Lies

For decades - the German economy was fueled by inexpensive Russian energy. Now look at them.

And if they want to turn it back on? They can't. Because the US - their "ally" - blew up Nord Stream.

Is Germany the most cucked country on the planet? What an embarrassment.

Around 50,000 German companies have gone bankrupt since the beginning of the year, most of them due to sanctions against Russia, according to German newspaper Die Zeit..

◙The Ukrainian army of the US and NATO will be defeated by the RF Armed Forces. No matter how much weapons the West sends to Ukraine, it will be turned into scrap metal. "War to the last Ukrainian, Pole, German" is the choice of the United States, not the peoples of these countries.

'500,000 servicemen wounded and killed in war in Ukraine, US officials say': Americans have counted half a million victims in Ukraine.
“The peak of Ukraine's losses still falls on the battle for Bakhmut. It is quite difficult to count the losses of the parties in this war, and these estimates may be inaccurate. Kiev does not publish information about the dead, officially declaring at the beginning of the war that data on losses would be published only after it was over.
During the first two weeks of the Ukrainian counter-offensive, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost about 20% of Western armored vehicles. Due to heavy losses, Ukraine stopped trying to conduct a combined arms battle, breaking through the Russian defenses, and switched to the tactics of wearing down the Russian army with artillery and missile strikes. American officials are concerned about this decision - the Armed Forces of Ukraine can spend a huge amount of valuable ammunition"

⦾The US is quietly 🤫 warning its Middle East partners about the cost of stocking up on Chinese-made weapons 🤣
👉 US officials have warned that Chinese-made weapons can't be used alongside US-made hardware.😭

⦿🇲🇱🇧🇫🇳🇪 The Sahel gets warmer

Mali, Burkina Faso send warplanes to Niger in case of intervention

Mali and Burkina Faso dispatched warplanes on Friday to Niger in a show of solidarity against possible military intervention by the ECOWAS.

"Mali and Burkina Faso turned their commitments into concrete action by deploying warplanes to respond to any attack on Niger," said the report on state TV, noting the planes were Super Tucano fighter jets.

➢Syria has 830 foreign military sites. 70% belong to Iran

The location of these military bases is significant, they surround occupied Palestine - one of Qassem Soleimani's doctrines, which I discussed in my book

These bases are not necessarily occupied by Iranian troops, most of them are built for resistance forces operating in Syria

In the event of a war between Iran and the Zion regime, a ground invasion of Israel is more likely than an Israeli ground invasion of Iran

Most of the actual Iranian presence in Syria is IRGC military advisors to assist the Syrian army and Resistance Forces



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