France Has Assassinated 22 African Presidents Since 1963.

For African leaders who boldly stood up to the unending imperialist tendencies of the former colonial powers, this has generally been met with death. And France has never been hesitant to eliminate presidents who posed a threat to their imperialist plans. France has consistently connived and been in collaboration with other Western powers to assassinate African presidents they deem a threat to their interests.

These three French intelligent services, The External Documentation and Anti-Espionage Service (SDECE), DGSE and DST have been very active in doing the dirty work that encompasses coups and assassinations. French crimes in Africa have been made up of misinformation campaigns, "controlling black-skinned governors" (puppet presidents) and military propaganda.

France has always ensured that former colonies remain under its tight hand. This explains the existence of the CFA Franc, a colonial currency that keeps former colonies from fully attaining economic independence.

Presidents like Thomas Sankara who denied being under France's influence were eliminated from the planet, with France playing a big role in that grisly assassination.

Below is a list of African presidents assassinated by France since 1963:

France Has Assassinated 22 African Presidents Since 1963.

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