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, to me, means having your employer pay you to read. Wish I could have gotten it in its original language (Spanish) but it would take me too long to finish 😅

Mastodon will update to 4.0 soon! Here are the most exciting new features (in addition to fixes & changes):

- ability to follow hashtags
- ability to filter by language
- ability to translate posts
- ability to post HEIC files (i.e. your iPhone’s native photo format)
- define user roles (big deal for admins)
- define sign-up process on your Instance (admins again)

See all changes here:

Thanks, @Gargron and @Mastodon Team. #Mastodon4

When moving your account to another instance, your followers will auto-follow the new account. However, the process might take a while, since it's handled by those folks servers. Don't panic if your new followers count is stuck at a lower number for a while. It'll eventually all work out. #neuhier #mastodon

My coworker brought in home made charcuterie boards :ablobmeltsoblove:
Also, I suck at taking pictures... and might be lactose intolerant. But fuck it. YOLO

So... second time's the charm? :abloblurk:

Justin here. Last instance/server I joined seemed to have had issues so, here I am. Not a part of the , I just like trying new things.

Either way, I'm a 🇨🇺/🇵🇷 guy from . Some of my interests include

Say hi and follow :wowspin:

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