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So... second time's the charm? :abloblurk:

Justin here. Last instance/server I joined seemed to have had issues so, here I am. Not a part of the , I just like trying new things.

Either way, I'm a 🇨🇺/🇵🇷 guy from . Some of my interests include

Say hi and follow :wowspin:

Amazon, Starbucks, and other giant corporations wouldn’t be deploying massive union-busting campaigns if they weren’t terrified of union power. Keep up the fight. #UnionsForAll

Someone asked why there's no third option-- why there isn't a scenario where Mastodon goes back to the way it was a month ago. The short answer is that most early adopters are already plotting their exit, and they'll have left by the time Mastodon reaches orbit or crashes into the ocean

That's the nature of early adopters

From a purely product dev standpoint, early adopters 1) actively seek innovative products, 2) claim them as their own, 3) move onto the next new thing. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

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In late 2022, Mastodon feels like 2008 Twitter to me in many ways, technically and socially. I'm getting amazing replies. Mastodon hasn't been adopted by mainstream media personalities used to broadcasting, government agencies, or vast numbers of the public. (I suspect people who've been here for years, however, might feel quite differently about a million people migrating from Twitter! I welcome ongoing feedback about how I'm fitting into existing network culture and norms here, as always.)

"Waiting for Spring"
Sedat Girgin

I recently found this wonderful artist and wanted to share. You can see more of his work at:

my twitter brain nervously avoiding Thick Trunk Tuesday hashtag until I realize they actually just mean big chonky trees

One thing I notice about the of which I'm not sure of the meaning: as a culture it makes more use of the two-letter and random new-fangled TLDs than anything else I've seen. dot-social of course, but also,,,,, they're all over the namespace! :woot:

This is the model I had at about age 11 in the early 60s. The biggest issue was tracking down a source of dry ice and safely handling it.
II worked at a nuclear power plant as a health physicist and chemist in the mid 70s. Kind of a scaled up version of the kit ;-)

I run my own #Mastodon server - costs me about $15/month ATM at #digitalocean + #amazon

I have 3 accounts I follow different things with that interest me (including #comicbooks, #horror, and #podcasts)

I follow ~500 people overall

My timelines are FULL of great, highly curated content; more than I could ever digest

Plus the people I follow are great about boosting more people that interest me

Long and short : you don't need to join a large #Masto instance to get great #fediverse content

HOT OLDER MEN in YOUR AREA want to know if YOU have been TOUCHING the THERMOSTAT.

Now that you're on Mastodon, please enjoy this brief rant about why you absolutely MUST share the stuff you love (even if it's smutty - as long as it's CN'd appropriately). On Here, discovery is mostly reliant on hashtags and SHARING - otherwise posts can't cross instances. So if you're just liking a post and not sharing it, you're saying 'I enjoyed this, but I don't want anyone else to.' Share stuff! I rely on it to find ppl, and so do you!

The publisher of Pence's book is refusing to put a spine on it, stating it would be a gross misrepresentation of the author.

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