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Hoping to connect over here with #evolution #biodiversity and #biomechanics folks! Will aim to post and support others. Here is a cool surgeonfish (Ctenochaetus) we dissected recently.

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For the record, I acknowledge that the wrist contacts the ground, so the forelimbs are unambiguously plantigrade. To my eyes, though, the hindlimbs are digitigrade.

Also, not everyone agrees in the literature; some authors explicitly say mice are digitigrade - e.g.

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Are and plantigrade or digitigrade?

I've seen a loooot of studies that code them as plantigrade (e.g.

... but their ankle is well above the ground (e.g. video from

What am I missing? πŸ€

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"In an effort to be both environmentally and fiscally responsible, [University] will contact only candidates receiving an interview"

Didn't know automated rejection emails were so expensive and polluting πŸ’΅

My poster and video presentation on animal and passive dynamic are up on SICB+! Head to the meeting website to check them out

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We ar looking for 3(!!!) new colleagues at the assistant prof level! Come and be my colleague!


Any recommendations for activities for a class of 4-5 year-olds? Visiting my daughter's classroom in a few weeks to talk about , but coming up short on ideas! I have access to and laser cutter if that helps... πŸ¦–πŸ¦•

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@BryanLastRedDrop @KFuentesGeorge

"For a child accustomed to stolen possessions and broken promises, the only guaranteed treats are the ones you have already swallowed"

"Waiting is only the rational choice if you believe that a second marshmallow is likely to actually appear after a reasonably short delayβ€”and that the marshmallow currently in your possession is not at risk of being taken away"

Unreliable adult? Kids wait 3 mins.
Reliable adult? Kids wait 12 mins.

Demos nearly ready for my poster presentation at ! Come to P2-227 tomorrow (Thursday) 430-530 PM to play with these

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RT @BatConIntl
Can you see the bat sleeping in the snow?❄️
The Ussuri tube-nosed bat (π˜”π˜Άπ˜³π˜ͺ𝘯𝘒 𝘢𝘴𝘴𝘢𝘳π˜ͺ𝘦𝘯𝘴π˜ͺ𝘴), found in Japan, Siberia, & Korea, is one of only two animals known to hibernate in snow- the other being polar bears.

πŸ“·Yushi & Keiko Osawa

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Another #introduction post for all the new Twitter people (and just new people in general!). A little about me: I’m Sabrina - I’m a #writer (some #scicomm) and #author of #ScienceFiction (and #ClimateFiction and #dystopian) #books - my series Aestus was on the Amazon hard #scifi bestseller list recently. 😊 I also do #archery and #photography and enjoy #hiking - I would love to get into #astrophotography. I am learning #German and really enjoy good convos/coffee/tea. Sry for so many hashtags πŸ˜…

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Just seen on Mastodon that the Sony/BMG royalty dispute means Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You up" is now blocked globally on YouTube. Playing just yields a "blocked in your region" message.

Absolute end of an internet era. πŸ˜”

8 wheels = 96 "legs" to bring to Keep your eyes out for the passive dynamic walkers on Thursday πŸ‘€

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Hi folks
I’m a senior Curator of Flies and Fleas at the #naturalhistorymuseumlondon
I’ve been working & playing there for about 15 years and am slightly obsessed by flies…
If you want to know more about #flies, the #collection, #curation, #research or #fieldwork ask away….

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A mantis helping to keep the local brown marmorated stink bug population in check. (Mildly gruesome)

#macrophotography #macrophoto #insect #insects #mantis #bugseatingbugs

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So I understand that the bird site has started blocking links to common/known Mastodon instances, and that doesn't seem like free speech to me. So... I did a thing.

If you go to it is now a URL shortener that blocks the twitter user agent. That means you can share that link that will redirect to your Mastodon account without the pouty baby stopping you. If you find this helpful can you boost so others can find it? #TwitterMigration #Mastodon #Musk #introduction

Hey, JEB is on Mastodon!! πŸ™Œ I'm excited for more in this space!

Journal of Exp Biol  
Hello #ScienceMastodon. Journal of Experimental Biology #J_ExpBiol is an online #journal published by @Co_Biologists. Led by Editor-in-Chief Craig ...
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