@MajaMielke Thank you very much for sharing, it was a pleasure to watch!

The other morning, my 8-year-old announced that to "be a scientist", you must have two slap bands, three glow sticks and four or more small fossils.

First of all, why was I not given this package after my defense and second, have I been practicing science illicitly this entire time??

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As a #control #systems #engineer who works in #robotics, I sometimes see people blindly use a #PID controller design (without justification) and then attempt to tune it by trial-and-error. So, I made this little tutorial for my students: github.com/botprof/PID-101. Maybe others will find it useful too? There are lots of ways to tackle controller design, but I like this approach for cases when PID is the right choice.

@DNAdataPhile Ugh, didn't realize the side view was so out of focus... maybe I can get another photo on my ride home

Just came across the largest toadstool of my life!

Mastodon, can I get an ID? Looks to me like a portobello, but I really don't know. Found just north of London UK

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LOOOOOOOK!! That asteroid grain I took to the UK (the one where I nearly couldn't board the plane due to having the wrong seat type reserved for the Hayabusa2 model)?

It's now on display at the London Science Museum!

I totally brought it there. Me! Yay!


@haritulsidas Link seems broken? Could you reply with an updated link please?

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My favorite paper that I've read this year — a look at how confusion between inferential uncertainty and outcome variability creates all sorts of problems — is now out in PNAS.

Here's the paper: pnas.org/doi/abs/10.1073/pnas.

Here's the thread I wrote about the preprint last April: fediscience.org/@ct_bergstrom/

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I just read the best paper I've seen yet this year, Sam Zhang's work on confusion between inferential uncertainty and outcome variability.

In the context of a trial or experiment, inferential uncertainty refers to our statistical confidence that two groups are different. Outcome variability refers to how much variation there is in individual outcomes within a single group.

IMO confusion about this is ubiquitous in biomedical science.

Here's the paper: osf.io/preprints/socarxiv/5tcg

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In their #JEB100 Review, Ijspeert & Daley discuss how comparative animal studies and neuromechanical modeling have revealed diversity in the integration of feedback and feedforward control, related to body size, mechanical stability, time to locomotor maturity and movement speed

#biomechanics #biology #zoology #locomotion


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Now published! Brazilian PhD student Mauro Lacerda led our efforts to reconstruct how early #theropod #dinosaur pelvic appendages evolved, focusing on megalosauroids. Big open access paper: royalsocietypublishing.org/doi

@johnrhutchinson one day while biking to work, a red tailed kite was circling overhead. I slowed down, then it suddenly DIVED and snatched some roadkill not 5 meters in front of me. Such awesome birds

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Hi all! I'm a neuroscience postdoc studying information seeking and curiosity *in mice* in Richard Axel's lab at Columbia. I'll be on the academic job market this fall(!!!). Excited to be here.

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To celebrate of the work of the scientists who publish in the Company of Biologists journals, we are currently planting a tree in the Forest of Biologists for each paper that we publish. We recently celebrated Dowd & Somero's JEB paper journals.biologists.com/jeb/ar
by planting a small-leaved lime (Tilia cordata) forest.biologists.com/landscap to at our forest at the Woodland Trust's Young People's forest woodlandtrust.org.uk/visiting-

See the virtual version of the forest forest.biologists.com/landscap

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My first release of #XROMM toolkit for Blender (#b3d) is now out, v0.1: github.com/pfalkingham/XROMM_B

Not everything implemented yet, but you can:
import cameras + image planes
Apply rigid body transforms to objects
Create axes w/ locators
Calculate relative motion between objects.

Youtube video run through here: youtu.be/zRH4XBChrgA

@elduvelle @kordinglab it took me a while. This meme is a riff on the "motte and bailey fallacy", which states that often people will publicly pronounce a controversial statement (the bailey) and when challenged on it will retreat to an uncontroversial statement (the motte), and claim that the challengers are against the uncontroversial statement. Once the challengers disappear, the controversial statement is broadcast again.

This meme takes this idea and gives topical examples. In this case, OP is comparing the logical operator ∀ ("for all") as the bailey and ∃ ("there exists") as the motte.

The idea is arguments often start out with someone arguing for a general phenomenon (e.g. "Nuclear power is unsafe!"), and when challenged will retreat to a specific case (e.g. "Chernobyl killed a lot of people. Are you saying we shouldn't care about those people?").


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