TIL that there's something called "Silicon Valley Bank" at the same moment that I learned that every assumption I would have made about something called that would have turned out to be correct.

Screw sleep tracking apps, I track my sleep using DNS logs 😅

I got an old PC rig sitting around. On the one hand, It's legit old and it probably doesn't make a ton of sense to dump money into it. On the other, it does have an Xeon X5675 in there so that machine still kinda rips, and all it would need is a CPU fan and cheap discrete graphics card to be almost good as new. Difficult choices ahead.

This song has been wearing out drummers for like 15 years at this point and still no studio version of it exists so far as I know. Love it.


Sometimes I think about the fact that years ago, I bumped into Matt Pinfield two days in a row - once at a Jane's Addiction concert, then the following day walking through Times Square. The first time was a normal social moment, bullshitting after a show. The second time, I think both of us were uncomfortably surprised. It's that second memory that I cherish.

it's only "AI" if it comes from the san francisco bay area . otherwise it's just sparkling autocomplete

Ahead of the release of video footage documenting the police execution of Tyre Nichols, the authorities are deploying all the standard tactics in the counter-insurgency playbook:

—Delay the release of the video

—Appeal for calm while mobilizing the same police forces that carried out the killing to be prepared to carry out more violence on a massive scale

—Permit some family members and activists to view the video in order to enlist them as spokespeople demanding a certain kind of response and delegitimizing those who do not comply

—Spread fear about an invented identity ("outside agitators," "gang members," "antifa") in order to preemptively justify violent repression

—Fire the officers involved; if necessary, initiate legal proceedings (these can always be dropped later)

All this has become standard practice. This is how they hope to suppress unrest, even in the most egregious cases of police murder.

But they have no intention of diminishing the amount of violence that police employ, nor addressing the disparities that render that violence inevitable. This is obvious because they are putting all their energy into managing the public response to police violence, not into seeking any sort of change.

If there is to be any change, it will have to come from us.


If there was a video game where you just went around looting corpses, my wife would play the hell out of it. Her birthday is coming up so any recommendations welcome!

Swapped my self-hosted Bitwarden instance for Vaultwarden, and it was completely painless. RAM usage is way down and nothing broke.This is very happy news. And to think: my Friday nights used to be strictly for getting hopelessly drunk and debasing myself. These days, I'm too tired to drink and only debase myself in socially acceptable ways.That's the kind of personal growth I can fully endorse.

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genuine tears at this, laurel & hardy themselves couldn’t craft a better gag

Did you watch the "Kevin McCarthy's tormentors" this week?

I did. During which I kept thinking of this piece published in the Washington Post in 2012 by Norm Ornstein and Tom Mann.


It's difficult to describe how utterly establishment Mann and Ornstein were at the time. One was at Brookings, the other at American Enterprise Institute.

They saw what was happening: The GOP's attack on all institutions. The press didn't want to know. Now it does.

#journalism #uspolitics

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