happy kissinger is dead day, to all who celebrate 🎉

Oh fuck yeah! Kissinger finally popped off! They say these things happen in threes, so let's hope the universe remembers that Dick Cheney isn't dead yet. We got two cracks at it...

*me, reading "Goodnight Moon", except I'm enumerating the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers.

First they came for the journalists, who were very surprised to find themselves in a giant warehouse filled with minorities, immigrants, disabled, trans, and gay people.

If the trouble would be doubled if you stay, you should go. Kind of a no brainer.

Today I learned there is a Firefox derivative out there named "Floorp". Phenomenal. Wishing for nothing but success.

As someone who watched the Trump fraud trial live, it's pretty wild that the defense's best approach to Eric Trump's testimony was to have him sit on the stand and tell everyone he's an idiot that didn't look at, understand, or remember the things he was supposed to look at, understand and remember. As they say, truly a bold strategy.

Been using Opensuse Project Aeon as a daily driver for a couple weeks now and I've got to say - I think I like it. Took a bit more effort to get it configured the way I wanted relative to a conventional distro, but it got there. Distrobox is cool as hell, but feels like a bolt-on. Put some first party tooling around it and you've got a winner. Suse seems to have all the pieces they need, they just need to polish it up and then figure out how to explain it to people. Last part might be the most difficult. Definitely worth a look if Linux is your thing.

A reminder to people still using the deadbird site: Twitter is every bit as sleazy and harmful as the Daily Stormer or Breitbart. When you tweet, you bring legitimacy to a platform that rightly deserves to be ostracized. And sorry, but this applies to everyone, no matter your income level, race, gender identity, etc.

Can't take anyone seriously who consents to calling Facebook "Meta", Twitter "X", anti-abortionists "pro-life" or the republican party "Grand". Doing so just makes you complicit in their disinformation psyop.

Is there a word for wanting to brag about something that you are dreading? I bet there is in German...

Techbros: self driving cars are inevitable!

Also techbros: prove you are human by performing a task that computers can’t do, like identifying traffic lights.

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