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Reposting my (long) since I’ve migrated to a new instance.

My career at BJC HealthCare / BJH included ; ; ; ; ; ; research; lots of administrative stuff.

Former editor BJH Tool Book on the platform.

Still doing human research review with the and studies review with the at .

In addition to science, I believe in democracy, the important role of journalism, and a round Earth.

My language learning journey started in jr. high school with , attempting to self-learn it from a public library book and short-wave radio. My and are passable. My and are fading. Still a beginner at . is a slow death for me, but / budo and culture keeps me engaged. Putin’s war crimes convinced me to start learning .

Russian sparked my interest in history and to volunteer for the St. Louis-Samara Committee, for which I’ve hosted Russian medical and cultural delegates in my home.

In 2010, my language and Cold War interests combined with my hospital’s changing ETO retention policy got me to travel more internationally. In 2015, I completed my original travel goal of going to the last 5 Communist countries. In order of visit: , , , , .

My country count so far is only 33. Hoping to grow that during retirement. My 3 most remote places: Pyongyang and the DMZ, ; the Eastern Highlands of ; and Bayan-Ulgii, . Still need to visit 2 more continents - Antarctica and Africa. I’ve been to 42 US states, including AK and HI.

I became a photographer early in my travels. My kit is a 5DM3, EF 16-35 mm; f2.8, and EF 70-200 mm f2.8 and 14 Pro Max.

Currently, drawn to international . I’ve hauled my heavy glass to photograph the Sing Sing (PNG); Kazakh golden eagle hunters (Mongolia), Aboriginal singers at the Festival (Alice Springs, ) and Yabusame / mounted archers (Nikko, ).

If you got this far, thanks for reading all of this. Here to learn, be social and feed my wide variety of interests.


This hunter surprised the hell out of me by standing next to me as I photographed the competitors at the 20th anniversary of the Golden Eagle Festival. Taken at the base of the Altai Mountains, just outside Bayan-Ulgii, Mongolia, about 100 miles/160 km from the nearly intersecting borders of Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Russia, and China. October 8, 2019

Another photo of a plaque I took at Moscow's outside of . In Russian and English, it says:

"During the years of terror, over 40,000 people were shot in Moscow on groundless political charges. Their bodies were buried in the cemetery of Yauza Hospital (Now Hospital 23) between 1921 and 1926; at Vagankovo Cemetery between 1926 and 1935 and cremated at the Moscow (Donskoi) Crematorium from early 1930s, until, at least, the 1950s. Starting in 1937, two NKVD execution sites - the Moscow suburb of Butovo and the Kommunarka Collective Farm - were also used as burial places. More detailed information on this subject is available at Memorial Society at: 12 May Karetny Pereulok."

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Just over a year ago, , an organization documenting Soviet repression, was shut down by the Kremlin. They had been holding ceremonies at the for years.

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The WaPo article reminds me of my first trip to in 2008. One of my private tour stops was to the , commemorating those lost in the . Ironically, it's located just outside the former 's notorious Prison.

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As a result of ’s war in , average Russians are now repeating a scary part of Soviet history (the Great / Great of the late 1930s). Now, in 2023, snitching on or denouncing each other is becoming more common, so Russian citizens are self-censoring their speech and activities in order to avoid arrest and imprisonment.

From the WaPo article: “This wave of denunciations is one of the signs of totalitarianism, when people understand what is good — from the point of view of the president — and what is bad, so ‘Who is against us must be prosecuted,’” said Andrei Kolesnikov, a Moscow-based political analyst with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

During the Terror, the slippery slope of denunciations started with high-ranking Communist officials. Eventually, average Soviet citizens were encouraged to report any activity that was considered suspicious. Neighbors disappeared in the middle of the night, taken away by the KGB. The estimated number of people arrested during and sent to the gulags during the Terror varies greatly somewhere between 2.6-7 million. The best estimates are that at least 1.3 million were sentenced to death and 700,000 executed.

Battling for Breath | © Ed Casabar
Muay Thai at Rajadamnern Stadium
Bangkok, Thailand

70 mm 1/500 sec f 2.8 ISO 8000
Canon 5DM3, 70-200 mm f2.8 L

, ,
, ,

Humanitarian and volunteer soldier from the UK in , , gives an incredible interview. Probably one of the most articulate persons I've ever heard speak about the war. A truly amazing individual. Well worth listening to the whole podcast on YouTube.

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RT @rbreich
Donald Trump and his supporters are attacking his indictment. But their criticisms don’t stand up to scrutiny. Let me rebut some of them.

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Statement of facts from Manhattan district attorney's office alleges some of the criminal activity was discussed in the Oval Office.

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相馬野馬追。私はそこにいます! The festival. I'll be there!

Yes! The International Criminal Court () issues an arrest warrant for Russian President, Vladimir . for the abduction and deportation of Ukrainian children.

Source: NY Times

"Navalny" movie wins an . political prisoner and Putin's arch enemy, Alexei , now imprisoned for one a year, will smile once he hears the news. His wife, Yulia Navalnaya, speaks on his behalf. !

Video source: Дождь/TVRain

Power to the people. Great news for . After two nights of protests, Georgia's ruling party withdraws Kremlin-like foreign agents bill intended to stifle media coverage and civil society.

Photo source: Associated Press

Why we should worry of Russian influence in the world. Brave Georgians protesting against a Russian-style "foreign agent" law aimed at limiting media freedom and civil society.

How the Russian language has changed because of the war. With English and Russian subtitles.

Worth a listen whether or not you're learning - a podcast from two Russian language instructors who left their country because of the war.

I found this particularly interesting since I posted previously about new Russian vocabulary I've learned since the start of the war.


A well done, PBS Newshour piece on whether , , can produce art.

Visually stunning and thought provoking. Makes me want to go to New York to view 's "Unsupervised" at MOMA..

For the visually impaired, text of the interview is available PBS:

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