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Hey Mastodon Gamedev, I'm Chris a freelance illustrator and 2D game artist from the Midlands, UK. I produce art for indie games. In my spare time draw images from my own fantasy World centred around a character called Theok.

#illustration #gameartist #illustrator

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Reading the works of Illienkov and starting to better grasp the fundaments of dialectics. Also he seems cool.

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Hullo. So this is Mastodon, eh? Well, I'm here. And to celebrate, here's a photo I took yesterday in Kingston NY of Good Omens director Douglas directing An Unnamed Actor (on the other side of the glass) in Episode 2 of Good Omens Season 2 (Coming Next Summer).

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Mastodon: What you need to know for your security and privacy

If you’re leaving Twitter for Mastodon, here are some things you should know.


Please reblog/boost if you think this would help folks you know who are new to Mastodon. (Likes are appreciated, but won't help spread the advice)

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Hi there. Opening this account as a precaution against the Muskocolypse.

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KEEP IN MIND! #Mastodon doesn't work like #Twitter!

Have you just made the #Twexit or the #TwitterMigration?

Favorites ⭐ - they're not "likes". They don't "elevate" posts, they just the poster know you liked their post.

Boosts 🔁 - these push someone's post into your friends feeds (and help discovery).

So if you ⭐ my posts, that's great (and I love you too)!

But if you 🔁 posts, then more people see them!

OH! - #Hashtags are how you search!

#mastodon #MastodonTips

Hi :ablobsmile:. Twitter refugee from Latin America. Mostly interested on tech and left wing politics. Hope to be at least funnier than Elon 😅

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If you came here from Twitter in the last week, Reply below and boost this post so others can find you.

Trying to figure out how this 'fediverse' thing works

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