So, an introduction: I am a professional virologist/vaccinologist, who is serious about using social media to indoctrinate - pardon me, educate - people about my favourite organisms. I am here as a tourist, looking to see if it's a safe place to settle 😀

I also parody songs and poems from time to time 😎

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@edrybicki it ain’t exactly safe, for example I think I have been infected … not sure with what but I have natural impunity/immunity

@Lobster Well, if Elom Nusk manages to murder the Blue Bird, there’ll be a LOT of refugees from scientific Twitter over here!

@edrybicki @Lobster go visit the Med-Mastodon server. They all just en masse made their own instance and left the bird. I decided to join “social” but follow them- so I can see pretty landscapes and pets

@edrybicki just an FYI - more liberal use of hashtags in your #introduction will help other #virology and #vaccinology people find you

@Vicki ! 😎 This Mastodonning takes some skillz...

@edrybicki I’m a vibrio fan and also big props for Stenotrophomonas… and it’s love of sinks in ICUs…

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