My system fundamentals professor just started a story with "So these guys had this giant flamethrower..." I love engineering examples that are somewhat unhinged. Anyone have any good ones?

This cartoon hits hard.

It hits even harder when you notice the 2007 publication date in the lower right corner.

#climate #environment #nature #COP15 #COP27 #sustainability #PredatoryDelay

Roommate’s girl just asked me for some rope. When I handed it to her and asked what it was for she just said “We’ll be quiet” 💀

Trying to build a simple house in 4D Miner, no one told me building a hollow tesseract with hypercubes would be so incredibly difficult

Finally learning about relativity in university and it still pains me. I understand the concepts and the math, but the fact that everything from time to mass changes based on the observer's perspective gets me.

Nothing can really be measured objectively, and that makes me uncomfortable.

Been a while since I've posted so here's a quote:
"I do not mind lying, but I hate inaccuracy." -Samuel Butler

Just read Thomas Paine's "Common sense" and I have to say that American propaganda was much more eloquent in the 18th century than it is now

Can't seem to focus in my apartment so I've been taking a random train everyday to do my homework. It's awesome because I get my done and I get to explore the random cities I end up in

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