@OfficialLoganK@twitter.com was asking about the most favorite and underappreciated package in Julia. It is my reply to him:

Right now I am playing with Molly.jl, it sounds quite useful for my own research (after JAX-MD that I use on gpu). And it is under very rapid and active development which is a plus.

We are waiting for our new child to be born any minute! So as my usual response to lots of excitement, adrenaline and many tasks to be done, I am experimenting with Franklin.jl to create a personal webpage and a science/computation blog!

Nice weblog post on good features of from a scientist from a non-computer science major:

Why do I use Julia? | juliabloggers.com


Just replaced the Ubuntu on our family laptop with Debian! Maybe a delusion, but the working experience looks smoother than before. And thanks God, there is no default snap apps!

It all started as a fun project in our free time, but then became serious. Happy to see our work with @ZahraMokhtari18@Twitter & Annette Zippelius on "Dynamics of bacteria scanning a porous environment" is published in PhysRevLett : journals.aps.org/prl/abstract/

More results, about active matter and local adaptation, will come soon. Stay tuned!

Really enjoying the attention is getting right now! Hope more & more people join .

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