Making requests via TOR with Python

Was trying to do this and it ended up with way too much Googling for my tastes. These instructions are for ubuntu btw

1. Install (apt install) the following packages: tor, python3-pip, and python ofc
2. Then run "tor --hash-password <password>" and save the output for later. (password doesn't need to be too secure as you can only access the control port from localhost)
3. Add the following two lines to the file "/etc/tor/torrc" where "<password_hash>" is the output from the previous step

ControlPort 9051
HashedControlPassword <password_hash>

4. Install the following pip (pip install) packages: stem, urllib3[socks]

5. Run this, or just look at it as an example if you're paranoid ;P

P.S. Thank god theres no character limit on posts :ablobkeyboard:

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