I have a lot of insecurity around expectations.
(I am of course talking about the mathematical expectation operator.)


Homework: assume that of all mathematicians with an English-language social media account, 1 in 16 is working with expectations on any given day, of which 1 in 1024 comes up with the above joke, of which 1 in 8 decides to post it on their social media, of which 1 in 2 actually do so. Assume the decision whether to post is a Bernoulli trial.

Write down the expectation of the number of times the joke has been or will be made this calendar week (as of this post) given your current information.

correct answer 

E[ X | X ≥ 1 ], where X is a random variable of unknown distribution

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Alternatively, I could have asked "Why is the following a trick question?"

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I just discovered yet another reason why it is a trick question... must have been my subconscious at work

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