The plan is to offer the user a simple and utmost failproof App to visually compare. Algorithm based (dis)similarity in %, highlighting differences in red dots/areas, particle count etc. can be added on top. From a security perspective we believe it is safer to have a simple visual base layer in the App than fancy value prints.

I would go so far one day to show the user 5 sec movieclips of the taken image being automatically rotated to north, un-distorted, scaled, cut in a square standard and bw thresholded. Manipulated algorithm based pattern change would be visually detectable in a movieclip. Wysiwyg motion instead of an obscure algo in the background that is difficult to know what it exactly does and how it can be manipulated backdoor by an attacker.


Thanks for your valuable inputs.

We have not started with the App yet, focus until here was solely on the hardware.

It is our plan to normalize the image with the help of markers, rotation and homography. Instead of an algorithm to check on similarity, one concept we have in mind is to make a "blinking comparator" that shows normalized reference image and image to verify after each other with adjustable strobe speed. A speed slider helps to check on both images are authentic. If there is a difference, the user can see it.

@nic would you mind letting me know where to find info about the smallscale DUST you mentioned earlier in this thread? also just drop me a mail if you are keen to further invest into state of art complexity-seals.


hey all, i built both the vaccum TEP of shiftcrypto and the entropyseal.
apologies we have not yet published a video that clarifies some of the assumptions discussed here.

@giszmo - freezing attack is indeed not easily doable thanks to the protrusions, which we call pins, locking the entire system if the particles are frozen.

@giszmo - not friction makes cap insert rotate against the cap. there are teeth, actually heavy duty teeth that prevent from twisting the jar open without opening the particle insert into a loose state forcefully.

@kekcoin - slow and careful will still disturb the pattern due to pins inside cap and also from the other side of the insert. upside down opening does also not do the trick.

@jgettbtc - the design is foreseen in transparent polycarbonate, the locked particles should survive a simple drop easily. after all the design is made to be shipped internationally in locked state. thick tempered glass would be an option for the jar but would increase cost a bit.

- love the idea of russian doll style. tough that would need two initial sizes and injection mold tooling is quite a cost factor.

- the vacuum tep's main security was not the bag but the problem to pull away the velcro particle pouch from the container without disturbing the pattern.

i gladly answer any further arising questions, also via entropyseal@protonmail.com

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