3 years ago on 15th Nov of 2019(24th Aban 1398), in such a day, protests of people without a leadership started against the government of Iran. I remember I had entered university that year and the government had blocked Internet connection for everyone and only government backed instant messangers were available for people's use. Most of students at the same age of myself who were studying CS, had a common belief: These IMs are just spywares which no one must use. I was actually surprised with this insight which my classmates had because most of them didn't have any background of CS and tech before university like I had.

There are different estimations of the number of killed people for that protest. Some sources were talking about few thousands and for some others the scale was lower(few hundreds).

This year, another protest started which in regard to persistance of people, I think it is totally new and unique after the what they call "the Islamic Revolution". Just like the previous protests, this one also doesn't have a leadership but lasted so long(near 2 months at the time of writing this toot).

Because the government doesn't allow free distribution of information, we are not sure what is actually happening in other parts of the country. But we know something for sure: The government is persistance in killing people and arresting them. Even those who are just kids who even haven't reached the age of becoming a student.

In the time between these two protests, I don't remember a country-wide protest but there were some smaller ones like those of Khuzistan and maybe in Isfahan.

I was talking to a friend from that your country's army forces at least don't kill their own people. He said the situation of my country is sad and remembered me the invader of his country is the same who sponsors this government of my country.

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