I've seen this sad scene several times. But this time, I thought I'd better write something about it.

I'm not very old but I remember when things weren't as terrible as now in my city. I remember that only emigrants among their men were looking in the trashes for something metal which they could sell and earn money. And in busy places, like bazaars, there were only few people who were begging money and everytime you visited the place, there was the same person and you could only see men.

In recent years, Those who beg money or look into trashes, are no longer only Afghan and no longer only male. There are young boys and girls from around 7-8 who have these jobs.

Now there are some questions which I'm afraid of their answer.

What is the job of girls around 15 or higher?

What about other cities? Like those near the borders in or ? I am asking about them because I know they are Sunni and I know that this regime pays the least attention to Sunnis(if they don't kill them)

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