I have many ideas and when the time comes, I have to choose 1-3 of them to work on.

One of these research ideas is in the and field. Four others are in field. And finally, two of them are hardware ideas rather than software ones. Not a gadget but trying to implement computational models using hardware.

In my childhood, I used to build electronics circuits. But I could not understand how the circuits work. Why this flasher with two transistors has such a behavior? And I think it was not my fault. I was in early school and I couldn't understand the books about circuits because the books weren't for someone like me.

So I stopped building circuits and from when I was 12-13 years old, I put my efforts on programming where I could create something which works and I know why and how does it work.

Now, I am 22(in a less than 3 months) and I know many computational models exist but just one of them has been implemented hardware-wise. So I am interested in hardware implementation of these computational models.

Nevertheless, I don't have expertise nor knowledge in electrical engineering. So I either can't have a good idea or if I have I don't know how to express it or build it.

That's the question I need its answer. Should I remove hardware research ideas out of my list? And choose only among other ideas?

@farooqkz minor nitpicking: other types of computational hardware have been explored, in the past:, and i suppose current efforts to build "quantum computers" are at least a third very distinct class.


Yes. It is one of which I would like to explore further and perhaps use them in implementing

The electrical version, however.

The other thing, are

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