I just got a pair of #Bluetooth #earbuds and now am very aware of what features my #KaiOS apps do and don't support.

I used to think K-music was much better, but the stock KaiOS app actually has much better support for play/pause, skipping forward, etc. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

(Sadly, the same can't be said of the calls app; I'm supposed to be able to tap my earphones to answer/end a call but tapping does nothing)

@badrihippo unfortunately k-music developer can do nothing about this because does not let third party apps receive such these events.

@farooqkz oh no, that's sad ๐Ÿ™

Play/Pause seems to be working on PodLP though...so I guess at least a few APIs are available?



Really? Because I was hearing the dev complaining about this issue. That only the stock Music app can receive play/pause key events from the headset. May I ask about your conditions? like what type of headset it is(wired or bt)? What is your OS version and what is your phone?

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@farooqkz oh that's odd then!

I'm using a #Nokia 2720 Flip running #KaiOS 2.5.2 and #PodLP connected via Bluetooth to boAt Airdopes 121 Pro:


I did some experimentation just now and can confirm that using the play/pause control on the earphones work (only when I'm on the PodLP app, not when it's running in the background, but it can be opened to PodLP on any screen, not just the player screen, and works regardless of whether the phone is flipped open or closed)

@farooqkz I was wondering if it's a secondary effect (my using the "play/pause" control is triggering something else to start playing, which pauses PodLP).

That doesn't seem to be the case, because I tried running K-music and then switching to PodLP and starting a podcast. As expected, K-music stopped when PodLP started playing the podcast. When I used the Bluetooth earphones to pause PodLP, K-music started playing again, and I could use my earphone command to "toggle" between podcast and music

@farooqkz just to confirm: direct play/pause via Bluetooth doesn't work on K-music, and neither do the other commands from my headset (next track, previous track) on either K-music or PodLP. All the commands work on the stock music app.

So it's just the play/pause command that is, mysteriously, working in PodLP


Well we have developers of both apps in our chatrooms so I can ask them. Perhaps developer of PodLP was complaining about the play/pause not triggering PodLP while in background.

@farooqkz you know what, I just remembered I'm on one of the chatrooms too!

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