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I'm finally ready for an after a few weeks exploring Mastodon.

I live on the shores of on the Peninsula in the of . This region is within Ojibwe Gichigami (“Ojibwa’s Great Sea”) homelands and ceded-territory, established by the TREATY OF 1842

I'm an with an interest in everything related to , including molecular to global aspects of the carbon cycle, energy and social transitions, new and old technologies for sustainability, forests and biodiversity, local to international climate policy, and the systems thinking approaches we need to make progress.

Too much of a news and politics junkie than is healthy.

I share my domain with a partner, a dog, several felines, two donkeys, plants, and occasional uninvited critters.

To my English speaking followers : we are trying to convince our Ministry to switch from X to Mastodon.


All it takes is less than a thousand followers to @lelibreedu

So please boost and follow @lelibreedu. You can always unfollow in a week or so.


Thanks !

"For every dollar invested in fossil fuels, 1.7 dollars are invested in clean technologies. Five years ago, it was a one-to-one ratio, said the International Energy Agency."

#FossilFuels #Energy #Renewables #IEA

Time For 9 o'clock #HashtagGames hosted by @paul
Towel Day is celebrated on May 25 and is an annual holiday created to celebrate author Douglas Adams by his fans. Adams wrote the classic comedy sci-fi novel, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” Let's Play!


How to play: Write something awesome, Use the Hashtag, Toot/Post and Repeat!

Drop whatever you are doing and take a few minutes to read this piece from @natematias — it's the most important thing I've read this year about the path forward in understanding how information technologies are shaping society, and what we can do to make this a force for good.

Sign of the times in US public health.
Walking into a major regional medical facility: Covid screening is gone, replaced by a metal detector and questions about whether I’m carrying firearms.

@piecritic @tofugolem

Report where appropriate; Block account and entire domain where appropriate; And remember:

In the late 1880s, when steam ships were replacing sailing cargo ships, one of the last roles for the sailing ships was to carry coal around the world to supply ports where steamships wanted to go. A clean technology was essential to enable the growth of a dirty technology. And even today, fossil fuels aren’t magically just everywhere. A gigantic *** 40% *** of global shipping is just moving fossil fuels. So eliminating fossil fuel also drastically cuts global shipping emissions. #climate #ships

100 years of March temperature anomalies over land areas through 2023...

The end of this animation is really quite striking - the only cold anomalies were in the western United States to Canada.

Data info

Very odd portrait of a man with possibly exploding donkey in the landscape behind him. Meanwhile he points to small maze on the ledge. By Dosso Dossi, who understood what this meant even if we don't.

2/2 Women messing with men's heads du jour: Salome showing up for dinner w/ head of John the Baptist. Always such a party-pooper, she. By Dosso Dossi, whose day is today.

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I’ve never seen a better billboard sign in my life. This is how it’s done. Bravo, Bud Light & take that, Republicans.

Great news for education.
Onward from the bottom up, top down, and all the sides of sanity.

Rightwing extremists defeated by Democrats in US school board elections

Leonardo da Vinci watches a cat. And draws it (and friends) over and over. Today is his day.

Great Horned with chick peeking out on the Copper Country owlcam.
I'm trying to remember to check in at 9:30 m, when dinner is often delivered.

Incredibly, Twitter has now made it impossible for public safety bulletins to be posted automatically by weather services, tsunami warnings, the MTA etc. This is consistent with Musk’s particular lack of interest in public service. But it also highlights the general problem of building networks on private property - precisely why we need Mastodon and other open source apps to take their proper place at the center of our online communities

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