网络空间已死?Is cyberspace dead?(有些长|somewhat long)



  • 社交媒体大行其道,挤压了博客的生存空间。现在的大多数人的信息都来自“喂食”,很少有人真正去主动输入和输出知识。

  • 门槛高。即便有很多类似hugo、hexo、wordpress的网站生成器,搭建博客对于很多人来说仍然非常困难,他们不会用命令行终端,不会用GitHub,这让工作变得十分艰难,而且如果要搭建一个酷炫的动态网站需要服务器,这需要网站的主人为此支付一定的费用。

  • 社交性不强。很多人使用微博、推特是为了与他人交流,而不是把重心放在记录一件事上,一些人甚至希望消息一经发出立刻就收到回应,博客主要负责记录,无法提供过多的社交功能,这会让一些用户觉得无趣而放弃维护。





Here is the English translation:

↑This article said that cyberspace is dead. I personally think it is a bit extreme. Some people on Zhihu also say that blogs and personal websites have died out. Yes, such websites are indeed becoming less and less. In previous years, it may be easy to read to some quirky blogs, but not many in recent years.

I think it’s endangered for a reason:

  • The popularity of social media has squeezed the living space of bloggers. Most people’s information now comes from “feeding”, and few people really actively input and output knowledge.

  • The threshold is high. Even if there are many website generators like hugo, hexo, wordpress, building a blog is still very difficult for many people, they can’t use the command line terminal, they can’t use GitHub, which makes the work very difficult, and if you want to build A cool dynamic website needs a server, which requires the website owner to pay a fee for it.

  • Not very social. Many people use Weibo and Twitter to communicate with others, rather than focusing on recording one thing. Some people even hope to receive a response as soon as the message is sent. Blogs are mainly responsible for recording and cannot provide too much social networking. function, which makes some users feel bored and give up maintenance.

Probably three of these.

However, endangered does not mean that it has disappeared. There are still many personal cyberspaces on the Internet today living happily, no matter if anyone watches their records, they are always happy.

The decline of blogs is inevitable. It’s like a race. Blogs are one of the players. The track doesn’t actually change much, but the surrounding players are getting faster and faster, and it will naturally fall behind. Because it is a product of the slow age.

网络空间已死?Is cyberspace dead?(有些长|somewhat long) 


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