拥有一个真正完全掌控的网络空间需要服务器|Having a truly full control of the cyberspace requires a server 

突然想到,即使mastodon的构思很不错,联邦的形式使它可以成为完全由个人掌控的社交媒体网络空间并且和其他实例上的用户保持联系,但是我没有独立的服务器,我的社交帐号是运营在别人的实例上的,我的所作所为仍然需要遵守实例主人的规则(并不是说实例的主人定下的规则不好,我觉得保障社区友善的氛围是件很重要的事情,我也乐意遵守这些规则,何况qoto mastodon的规则相对来说非常宽松),我的数据仍旧存储在不属于我的地方,甚至说如果有一天服务器关闭或许都不会通知我(有些mastodon实例的公告中提到如果实例有一天关闭,会提前三个月通知用户迁移数据,我没有在qoto上找到这样的公告,不知道他们对此是否有应对措施?),因为它们不属于我,就是这么简单。


It occurred to me that even if mastodon is a good idea, the federated form allows it to be a social media cyberspace completely controlled by individuals and keep in touch with users on other instances, but I don’t have a separate server, my social accounts are run on On other people’s instances, my actions still need to abide by the rules of the instance owner (not to say that the rules set by the instance owner are not good, I think it is very important to ensure a friendly atmosphere in the community, and I am happy to abide by it. These rules, not to mention the rules of qoto mastodon are relatively loose), my data is still stored in a place that does not belong to me, and even if one day the server shuts down, I may not be notified (some mastodon instance announcements mention that if The instance shuts down one day and users are notified three months in advance to migrate data, I didn’t find such an announcement on qoto, don’t know if they have a response to this?), because they don’t belong to me, it’s that simple.

So if you really need to have a completely controlled network space, you should have a server. If everyone needs a completely controlled network space, I think the price of the server should continue to rise. After all, the server is much more useful than the Raspberry Pi. , and the Raspberry Pi has gone crazy.
The price skyrocketed.

拥有一个真正完全掌控的网络空间需要服务器|Having a truly full control of the cyberspace requires a server 



Seriously, qoto’s rules are very, very loose, the most free speech community I’ve ever seen, where you can even object to the admins at will… terrific, so I really like it here.

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